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Mindful Family Medicine

Mindful Family Medicine is the practice of Dr. Roy Steinbock, Board Certified & Integrative Pediatrician and Debbie Steinbock, Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor. We combine science and evidence-based medicine with a holistic and integrative approach.

Mindful Pediatrics, Dr. Roy Steinbock

Mindful Pediatrics

Dr. Roy helps his patients unlock their body’s healing potential through a comprehensive approach combining his decades of clinical expertise with the appropriate laboratory, functional medicine, and genetic testing. He believes that investigating the root cause, rather than only addressing symptoms, is the best route to achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.

Mindful Nutrition, Debbie Steinbock

Mindful Nutrition

Debbie’s passion is working with individuals with challenging and chronic conditions with a special interest in digestive disorders and autoimmune disease. Her approach is both mindful and personalized, building a step-by-step plan for each client which includes nutrition and lifestyle interventions, as well as supplementation and laboratory testing when appropriate.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

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Our goal is to support you in getting well and maintaining health. We work with many conditions such as:

Anxiety, Depression
Diarrhea, Constipation, Reflux
IBD, Colitis, Crohn’s
Eczema, Asthma

Thyroid Conditions
Food Allergies & Sensitivities
Autoimmune Disease
Pandas, Pans
Frequent or Recurrent Infections

Our online programs

Whether you're new to natural health, seeking a deeper understanding of a specific aspect of healing, or in need of support to realign with your wellness goals, our online and on-demand courses were designed to help you.

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Supplements & Natural Health Products

Save on all the professional brands that we personally use and recommend in our practices.

Home Goods Crafted With Care

Discover our favorite clean, natural, and non-toxic home products made by brands dedicated to your wellbeing.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dr. Roy, finding your practice has completely changed our doctor experience for myself and for our children. I’m sure you hear this often, (my hope is that you do), your passion and skill for your craft are unbelievable and are a gift to the community you share it with. Your guidance to better health – and not just maintenance of symptoms –  is something we were long searching for.

– Kerry Merkel

To me, Debbie is a saving grace. I feel so partnered with in my goal to be well and thriving. Debbie is an amazing listener and provider of wisdom, knowledge, research, and options. Not only is she masterful at what she does, she invites me into my own mastery and self -empowerment for my health and my life. I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve sent to her, she’s THAT good!

– Danae S.

Dr. Roy, I won’t write a letter after every appointment, but I wanted to thank you since it was our first appointment. You are the kind of doctor most people can only dream of for their child: a doctor who takes time to understand our child and our family’s needs, a comfortable atmosphere (where you don’t worry your child will get sick just by going for a check-up), and solid guidance while still respecting our parental wishes.

– C.P.

I no longer have the digestive problems associated with IBS or the stress of worrying about not feeling well. I have been symptom free since working with Debbie and know I will remain so with all the great information, ideas, recipes and wisdom I have received. It was a refreshing experience to work with someone with personal experience who had treated herself and then used the information to assist others.

– Diana G

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