We recently started this fun blog series: “5 Things I Do to Stay Balanced”. Over the weeks, you will hear from each of us at Mindful Family Medicine – and get a peek inside our lives and get to know us all a little better!

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Ara Haupt is a new mama, wife, Physician Assistant, Pilates instructor and world traveler. Below she shares 5 of the things she does regularly to help maintain her balance.

  1. Journal, pray and read challenging or encouraging verses in the Bible with hot coffee in hand! This is a time for self-reflection, to be challenged about how I think and speak and how I serve my family and the world around me. It is essential to my personal growth. This doesn’t happen every day and sometimes it is for 5 minutes but I try my best to make it a regular practice.
  2. Have a dance party with my husband and daughter. Life can get way too serious. We blast some good pop tunes or a country favorite and I make my family dance with me, especially around 5 or 6 pm when meltdowns are likely to happen (for adults and babies alike)!
  3. Take 1 day per week when I don’t drive a car. I bike or take public transport where I need to go… it is amazing how much less can be packed into my schedule when I have to bike or commute with my daughter to run errands or see a friend. This helps me to be more present and enjoy the journey rather than focus on how much I can get done.
  4. Watch my daughter take the world in. My now 8 month old is so fascinated with the world and gets so excited to see people, new things or learn something new. I aspire to emulate this. I now take moments throughout my own day when I notice and am thankful for the little things that make up daily life.
  5. Practice Pilates. Deep breathing and thoughtful movement has become essential to my well-being. It affords physical fitness but more importantly provides stress management, postpartum rehab and an hour for myself when I am not giving to anyone else – I am simply being refueled.

About Ara Haupt, PA-C

Ara Haupt, PA-C is a pediatric Physician Assistant whose interests have always incorporated practicing Western medicine with a balanced integrated approach, looking at the entire body. Adolescent care and integrated teen mental health have been particular areas of interest. Ara enjoys learning how the body can heal itself when given the right tools and coaching. Over the past few years in practice, her passion for learning more in integrated and complementary medicine has grown tremendously, leading her to Mindful Pediatrics.

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