It’s hard to fathom how a woman who barely looks thirty years old has been practicing nutrition counseling for twenty years. When Debbie first started her practice, holistic health coaches and nutrition counselors were very rare—even in Boulder, Colorado.

As her husband, I may be just a little biased, but Debbie is honestly the best that I have come across in all of my years of practice. She is wise, knowledgeable, kind, loving, humble, supportive, experienced, and hands down the best at creating analogies (you know what I mean) 🙂

She has helped countless people, just like you, to feel better and achieve their health goals. Debbie is a blessing to our community, and certainly to my life.

Some of you have worked with Debbie in more recent years and for others it may be over a decade since she made a difference in your life. Some of you have taken Debbie’s local classes and others have worked with her from a distance. Regardless of time or location, it would mean so much to her to hear from you all, and to reflect upon how she touched your lives.

Please join me in celebrating Debbie’s 20-year anniversary as a holistic health & nutrition counselor by adding a personal note of gratitude on our eCard (link below).

She will be truly grateful to see your continued presence in her life. Thank you for helping us celebrate Debbie.

With Love & Gratitude,

Dr Roy

P.S. The card will be sent to Debbie on February 4th, so please sign before then!

* If you’d like to read Debbie’s reflections on this milestone, see her post: 20 Things I’ve Learned from 20 Years in Practice

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