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Ara is Back from Maternity Leave – and Here’s What Our Patients Are Saying….

Have you met Ara yet? Ara Haupt is a Pediatric Physician Assistant who joined our team in August 2018. After taking maternity leave this winter, Ara is now back to work - and mama to beautiful Elsie! Ara came to us after working for a large integrated pediatric practice in Denver for the last 7-years. Pre-adolescent and adolescent care, as well as integrated teen mental health, have been particular areas of [...]

By |February 18, 2019|

What’s Going Around Town: The Flu – Plus Natural Prevention & Treatment for Children

Yes, we are in the midst of cold & flu season once again! We have been seeing several cases of Influenza A in our office in the last few weeks. We will probably see additional strains as well, but so far everyone we've tested has been positive for Influenza A. The patients I am seeing are not getting terribly sick with this strain, but it is lasting a long time - up [...]

By |January 30, 2019|

Dandelion Latte

Turmeric, ginger, burdock, yucca, kudzu—there are so many medicinal roots that I love. But my favorite of all of them is dandelion root. And if you are wondering about the relationship between dandelion root and the yellow flower often hailed as the peskiest of lawn weeds, yes, they are one and the same! Dandelion has many medicinal benefits from its leaves down to its root. In general, dandelion has been [...]

By |January 17, 2019|

What is a Winter Reset? …and What it is Not!

Just like the word “exercise” can mean anything from gentle yoga to marathon training (and everything in between), the word “cleanse” is a broad term that encompasses a lot of varied practices as well. Over the years we have struggled with what to call our winter "cleanse" programs because, for some people, this word often conjures up ideas of deprivation, hunger, and hardship. That's why we've decided to call our [...]

By |December 27, 2018|

Are You Living Off Stress Hormones?

Is it just me, or do people seem more stressed to you these days? If you often experience the feelings of stress, anxiety, exhaustion, or overwhelm, there’s a really good chance you are living off of your stress hormones. A few months ago, I wrote about the overload of information that we are now faced with and it clearly resonated with people because it was one of our most commented [...]

By |December 10, 2018|

Debbie’s & Roy’s Favorite Things 2018

I’ve been writing "Debbie’s Favorite Things" yearly since 2007 (wow, 12 years!) and it's easily my favorite post that I write each year! I was so excited that Roy decided to join in on the fun, making 2016 the first year that he added his favorite picks. Double fun! If you'd like to take a look back, here you go: Debbie's & Roy's Favorite Things 2017; Debbie's & Roy's Favorite Things 2016; Debbie's [...]

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