Cleanse Testimonials


MP green quoteI’m not going to lie I was definitely a little nervous taking on a cleanse coming from my lifestyle. On a typical day I would eat an egg sandwich and coffee for breakfast, whatever my office would be bringing in for lunch (deli, pizza, Chinese, etc.) and a more sensible dinner (some form of protein, vegetable, etc.). In between those meals I would probably have another 3 cups of coffee.

When I decided to join the cleanse I made the decision to go all in and give my best effort. I am happy to say that I could not be happier with my decision. A few days into the cleanse I started to notice a difference in my energy levels, mood and overall health. I did not miss eating any of the items that were on the do-not-eat-list, and was really enjoying all the foods I could eat. I felt satisfied after every meal and loved that I did not feel like I was depriving myself of anything.

I lost 17 pounds during the first 3 weeks! I didn’t go into the cleanse with the focus of weight loss but was thrilled with the results! Now that I’m in the routine of it all it’s almost second nature. I lost another 8 pounds in the following weeks and am feeling great!

Thank you for all the tools I’ve learned and for helping me improve my health. You will definitely see me in the group for the next Cleanse 😉

– Steffen Riise, New York (May 2016)

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My husband and I participated remotely from Maui and felt supported through the documents, recording of meetings, and social media.  Dr. Roy and Debbie were with us every step of the way.

The first week or so was challenging, but shortly after we felt our mood consistent throughout the day, more productive at work/home life, and overall well balanced.  We loved making the recipes that Debbie provided and our young girls did too. We loved how much energy we had towards the end of the cleanse and my husband was not sore after working out like he typically is.

– Kate, Hawaii (January 2016)

MP green quoteBoth my husband and I had gotten into some bad habits since having our baby. We were rushing through meals, filling up on chips and crackers instead of planning ahead for more nourishing snacks. For him it resulted in some weight gain, and for me, I was a bit more irritable, tired, and wasn’t sleeping so great.

I am already gluten free, and we do a lot of our shopping at the farmer’s market, so I thought that we were healthy. But after the first few days on the cleanse, I started to notice the difference immediately. Cutting out coffee was a big one. It was hard because I love it, but I no longer had energy crashes. We also became really aware of enjoying our meals. We had better conversations, spent more time at the table, and tried out really exciting new recipes.

My husband lost 12 lbs (I lost none, but wasn’t trying to and didn’t want to), and I don’t have the sugar cravings I used to.  And overall, we are moving through our meals with a deeper awareness of how they affect us. When we eat crap, we feel it. And we don’t want to feel like crap.”

– Sarah & Sasha, California (May 2016)

MP green quoteDr. Roy and Debbie provide a wealth of information on how to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. They also offer simple delicious recipes, so you don’t have to worry about what to eat while on the cleanse.

I participated in this cleanse last year and was extremely impressed with the results. The inflammation in my body had decreased tremendously within the first 5 days. My skin cleared up and I felt I had more energy throughout the day. It was a real eye opener to see how food was affecting my overall health.

– Debbie Lipski, Colorado (May 2016)

MP green quoteI did this cleanse last year and found it intelligent, grounded, and motivating. It also had some surprising material in it that had a lasting impact on me. This is a great opportunity to have access to some of our best holistic minds in Boulder and chart out a new dietary course for yourself and your family.  It’s wonderful to be able to ask them questions and feel the weight of their combined experience and expertise behind their responses. If you are wanting to cleanse but need a little prod this is it!

– Elizabeth Marglin, Colorado (May 2016)

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Thank you for the materials and thank you for the opportunity to participate in this cleanse from a distance (I live in Boulder but couldn’t attend the meetings). I felt that doing it as a distance participant was great. The audio gave me a way of feeling a part of what everyone talked about and the Facebook group gave me a sense of being a real part of the group.

In terms of my experience of the cleanse, it was incredibly positive. I was really surprised at how easy it actually was for me to take some very basic parts of my diet out. I think it is because there was so much still allowed on the cleanse – it wasn’t like doing a fast or something like that.  What I really appreciated about that is that I absolutely see myself incorporating a lot of the cleanse into my diet moving forward. And that feels really good. Because the truth is I really did notice some differences –changes in my energy level, my mood, and my cravings.

Thank you for this experience, and for giving me a chance to try something that I really do hope will stick. I would definitely be interested in another cleanse 🙂 ”

Miki Fire, Colorado (January 2016, May 2016)

MP green quoteThank you both for putting together an excellent program! I have tried various flavors of diets before with some results, but have never broken the caffeine and sugar merry-go-round. The format of the class and the group support made stopping caffeine very doable. I’m not at all sure I would have done it without the structure you created. This was my first cleanse and your excellent documentation, delicious recipes and moral support made it both fun and something I will definitely do again!”

– Brent Kauth, Colorado (January 2016)

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I participated in the Winter Clean in ’16 cleanse and experienced some amazing results. Some digestion and heartburn issues that I was having for years literally disappeared within a few days. I also lost over 10 pounds without even trying to restrict my intake. It was just a matter of eating the right kinds of foods. I learned a tremendous amount about my body and what is and isn’t effective for me. Since the cleanse ended, I have incorporated many aspects of the diet into my regular routine.”

– Peter, Colorado (January 2016)

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I never thought I could cut out my daily morning coffee routine, but with the support of this group, I was able to cut the habit and am confident that I will only drink coffee on occasion when I want the treat.”

– Brooke B., Colorado (May 2016)

MP green quoteI’m really thankful that I did the cleanse. I didn’t expect the experience that I had at all. I did this cleanse during a super stressful time and it made me far more present in my daily life and actions. Going through this cleanse is something I will absolutely do again with Roy and Debbie. I’m thankful to them for bringing this education and experience to me and our community.”

– Billy Fitzgerald, Colorado (January 2016)

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I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse but have never taken the plunge, not knowing which to choose. There’s so much out there, it’s hard to know what’s wacky and what’s healthy. When I got Roy’s email, I was in immediately. My busy husband Billy was up for it too. In a room of 40+ people, Roy and Debbie made us feel welcome and at ease.

Roy said these transformative words (or an approximation thereof) in the first meeting: “If you think about just taking things away from yourself this probably won’t work, I think of it as giving myself a gift.” That framing, particularly coming from a man… a man I like and trust, was everything. That framing calmed my nervous system from the start.

Roy & Debbie opened my eyes to adding much more variety and taking the time to experiment with spices, textures and flavors. They set up a healthy approach – “eat enough calories, don’t cut things out too quickly, listen to your body.”

A huge component of this cleanse for us has been the addition of mindfulness- really assuming a state of mindfulness during shopping, food prep, cooking and eating. Slowing down enough to put our forks down between bites has changed our universe and our perception of space and time. Sounds crazy but it’s true.

I’m not saying it’s been all roses. During the cleanse when people asked me how it was going and what it’s like, my response became “it’s like pulling back a curtain.” Behind the curtain for me has been some sadness associated with feeling empty, some anxiety I was clearly treating with food, and some sleep disturbance. We had definite days of feeling crappy, including headaches and bad moods. The cleanse slowed us down to the level of uncomfortable but we are re-calibrating to a slower pace, which feels foreign but good. My hunch is that it will pay dividends in the long term, with continuing ripple effects. Our basic nervous systems are calmer. Our kids are calmer. Our life is calmer.

Roy and Debbie have mindfully put together this cleanse, covering all of the bases, and I really appreciated how they showed up authentically- as professionals, as individuals and as a couple. The meetings were substantive and worth showing up for. Debbie made herself very available to answer questions and offer daily support via email and a private cleanse participant Facebook group.  Roy was his no nonsense honest tell-it-like-it-is self (which I appreciate). Their guidance was consistent and sound. I’ve spent many years cultivating my own intelligence & attunement and it was nice to find that honored within the structure and context of their offering.

With their guidance I was able to update my unconscious outdated “dieting” mentality rife with fears, judgments, and a set up to fail mindset. Their approach was aligned with who I am today and my current belief systems. This cleanse is the gift that keeps on giving. I highly recommend doing it and doing it with an intimate if possible. I will definitely do future cleanses with Debbie and Roy and am quite grateful for them and this experience.”

– Courtney Williams, Colorado (January 2016)

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