Has a year really gone by? I had so much fun putting together my list of Debbie’s Favorites from 2007 that I wanted to share this year’s picks with you as well. Last year I had a lot of people write telling me that they tried some of my picks…or already loved them as well! I hope some of my 2008 favorites become favorites of yours in 2009. Did I say 2009…wow?!

  1. Rooibos Latte. As anyone who knows me already knows, I love tea! Spring, summer, winter, fall….I drink it year round. My pick for last year was white tea, and don’t get me wrong, my near obsession continues! But if I am in the mood for something sweet, a Rooibos Latte is the way to go. My friends Howie & Deb made me my first…. and many have followed this year. Simply steep Rooibos Tea, then add agave nectar and non-dairy milk (such as almond milk or rice milk)….a Rooibos Latte!

  2. Eat, Pray, Love. Bored with “celebrity magazines” at the airport, I picked up a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love.  Yes, I am a few years behind Oprah! But if you are a few years behind me, then be sure to pick up a copy this year. I wanted to lend it to anyone and everyone after I read it!

  3. Green Tea Clay Mask. Do you love tea like me? Enough to put it on your skin?  Before you answer, try Evan Healy’s Green Tea Clay Mask.  Clay is an amazing skin purifier….it will absorb and balance excess oil, draw pimples and blackheads to the surface and detoxify the bacteria that contributes to infected skin. I’ve had a hard time with clay since moving to Colorado because it is drying. The green tea added to this clay mask actually leaves your skin silky soft when you rinse it off….plus it’s a great antioxidant (think anti-aging!). But don’t rinse it off before you study your pores after it dries….truly amazing what comes out!

  4. Coconut Bliss Ice Cream. Let me just say, thank you to my client Jessica. While out of state, she emailed me to tell me about her new discovery: coconut based ice cream sweetened with agave nectar! I couldn’t find it in the health food stores in NY, but luckily a friend of mine had also discovered it…. and had 5 flavors (no exaggeration!) for us to sample when I returned. The Chocolate Hazelnut is my favorite….but I wouldn’t pass on any!

  5. Immersion Blender. If you make a lot of pureed soups in the cooler weather, make sure to add an immersion blender to your holiday wish list. This relatively inexpensive kitchen tool quickly became one of my favorites. My mom was actually shocked when she couldn’t find mine (b/c I didn’t have one) and she went out and got one for me immediately. I know why! The “wand” allows you to puree your soups right in the pot you cooked them in. Yup, no messy transferring of batches to a blender or food processor anymore. The one I have actually allows the wand to attach to a mini-chopper, which I use a lot to make salad dressings, marinades, chopped nuts, etc.

  6. Rescue SleepA friend of mine calls it “monkey brain”…when your mind travels from thought to thought like a monkey traveling along branches. I’ve found relief on those nights with Rescue Sleep….. a homeopathic, non-habit forming sleep aid, specifically for the restless mind!

  7.  Pamela’s Baking and Pancake Mix. My friend Pamela (no relation to the product) turned me onto this GF baking mix.  It is a versatile mix for muffins, waffles, etc. My personal favorites: blueberry waffles and raspberry chocolate chip muffins!

  8.  Zeno. It sounds like something in outer space (at least to me) but the Zeno  is a device that delivers controlled heat to a pimple to help it go away faster….and naturally. If you catch that pimple early, a few 2 1/2 minutes cycles….and it’s gone!

  9.  Manchego Cheese. Some people who cannot tolerate cow’s milk products may have less problems digesting goat and sheep dairy. This is the case for me and for years I’ve loved our local goat cheese.  Recently I discovered Manchego Cheese…a Spanish cheese with a consistency more like Parmesan Cheese. The flavor is very mild, the consistency is smooth….and both my taste buds and belly approve!

  10.  Waffle Iron. I think I like waffles more now than I did as a kid! Even though I’ve had my waffle iron  for years, this year it was put to good use. I make healthy waffles in large batches and freeze them for days when I am rushed. Just put a small piece of parchment or wax paper between waffles before freezing so you don’t have to pry them apart!


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