Every year I highlight some of my favorite things from the past year. If you missed my picks from the last few years, you can check them out: Debbie’s Favorite Things 2009;  Debbie’s Favorite Things 2008Debbie’s Favorite Things 2007.  And here are my favorites from 2010!

  1. Bamboo Clothing. Bamboo is an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that grows wild without the aid of fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo fabric is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic. Bamboo absorbs water 3-4 times better than cotton; It stays 2-3 degrees cooler in warm weather and hotter in cold weather, keeping skin comfortable. These clothes quickly became my favorite when I bought my daughter Mia her first KicKee Pants outfit!  I started telling everyone, “Bamboo is baby silk”. Since then, my obsession has grown (she has bamboo clothes waiting for her to grow into for about 2 years and my mom has started knitting again, with bamboo yarn!). I have found many other lines that are equally as wonderful….and bamboo is not just for babies!

  2. Coconut Flour. Coconut flour is made from coconut “meat” that is dried and powdered. It is high in protein and fiber (58% fiber!), low in carbohydrates, and naturally gluten free. It is also high in lauric acid and is said to strengthen immunity and boost metabolism. Plus, if you like the taste of coconut (which I do!), it tastes great. If you are looking for a recipe to try baking with coconut flour, this is one of my very favorites: Coconut Blondies.

  3. Nada Moo. And speaking of coconut, this indulgence developed last summer when I was oh-so-very pregnant…and wow was it hot out! I grew up eating mint chip ice cream, and this dairy-free mint chip  from Nada Moo (hence the name), made with Coconut Milk and sweetened with Agave nectar made my expanding tummy so happy.

  4. Lemongrass & Thyme Disinfecting Cleaner and Wipes. Is it strange that one of my favorite things is a disinfecting product?! I really do love the spray and wipes by Seventh Generation. Killing 99.99% of germs botanically, including the Influenza Virus, you can clean without the use of harsh chemicals.

  5. Frittata Pan. Every year, my mom adds to my growing supply of kitchen must-haves! This year, it was William Sonoma’s frittata pan. Frittatas are so simple and yet so delicious. Basically, add any cooked veggies (my favorites are sautéed potatoes or yams and any array of greens), cheese is optional (I like manchego sheeps cheese) and eggs.  Frittatas make a healthy breakfast, or even a light dinner (served with a simple salad).

  6. Lip Balm. Yes, it’s the time of year again for dry, cracked skin and lips! This “lip saver” by Aveda was not a new favorite for me in 2010. In fact, we celebrated our 10-year anniversary last year and I can’t believe I have never mentioned it before. Although it comes with a hefty price tag for a lip balm, just try it and you’ll know why I have used it for so long.

  7. Preserve Toothbrush. These toothbrushes are made of recycled yogurt cups and are 100% recyclable after use. The company even has a toothbrush subscription program.  For only $13 a year, they will mail you a new toothbrush every 3 months and you can mail your old one back to them to be recycled.

  8. Ceramic Travel Tea Cup. My husband and I love these cups! Finally a cup that you can tote along with you that is made out of ceramic (not paper or plastic….or, dare I say, Styrofoam) for your warm beverages. The ones we have come with a silicone lid and sleeve.

  9. Good Earth Tea. If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, you already know that I am a tea-junkie. Many years ago, I used to drink this tea at my childhood friend Bari’s house with her mom. Recently, I became reunited with it again. I like the caffeine free Original  (made with Rooibos tea) for its sweet and spicy flavor.

  10. Great Baby Stuff. Admittedly, I’ve been living in baby-land these last several months! I promised myself that I would not make a list of all baby things this year….but I just had to mention some of my favorites! Even if you don’t have a baby, these things would make wonderful gifts! I’ll limit it to my favorite three, okay….and you can simply click on the links if you want to learn more! 1.Wubba Nub…..Genius, and so cute! 2. SnuggleMe Cushion….every baby sleeps better in it, every parent thanks us for telling them about it! (Mine is napping in hers as I type!) 3. Sleepy Wrap…from a local Boulder, CO company, we LOVE this infant carrier.

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