Every year I highlight some of my favorite things from the past year. If you missed my picks from the last few years, you can check them out: Debbie’s Favorite Things 2010; Debbie’s Favorite Things 2009; Debbie’s Favorite Things 2008; Debbie’s Favorite Things 2007. And here are my favorites from 2011!

  1. Pecan Butter. Pecans are packed with nutrition including vitamin A, vitamin E, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, several B vitamins and zinc. Pecan Butter has a naturally sweet flavor and smooth texture. It’s my new favorite nut butter (sorry, cashew butter!) since our expanded Boulder Whole Foods started selling it freshly ground. I love it spread on an apple. My 15-month old eats it by the handful, literally!

  2. The Smart Oven. You must think that my kitchen is huge with the number of kitchen gadgets I have discussed over the years (if only….)! My mother bought us The Smart Oven by Breville this year, and quite simply, it rocks! We bake, roast, toast, warm, etc. My husband makes fun of me because I don’t call it “the toaster”, but have such a respect for it that I call it by name: “the Breville”.

  1. Homemade Gingersnap Cookies. Since I started writing Debbie’s Favorite Things in 2007, my best friend Pamela predicted she would be mentioned in it each year. Not surprising, because we share a love of food and cooking, so yup, she’s right again! Each year, Pamela does turn me onto something I LOVE. This year, it’s homemade gingersnap cookies….adapted gluten and dairy free. These are soft, gingery, the perfect holiday cookie. And they get gobbled up by kids and adults alike!

  1. Elana’s Pantry Paleobread. This winter, my husband and I decided to take gluten-free to the next level. We went totally grain-free for a month…..and it was hard! My savior was Elana’s grain-free bread made with almond, coconut and flax. With three kids at home, ya just need the flexibility to make (and especially take along!) a sandwich sometimes, and this bread recipe made that possible. It’s something I will continue to bake, given that all 5 of us loved it.

  1. Belle Baby Carrier. I wish someone told me (or maybe, I wish I listened) that both you and your baby’s preferences would change so much over the first year. I could write a whole article on this topic, but for now let’s talk baby carriers. I have to highlight this carrier  made by a local Boulder-ite. It weighs almost nothing, folds down to almost nothing for easy transport, adjusts between my petite 5′ body and my husband’s muscular 6′ body in a matter of seconds….and mine is made of organic hemp! This has allowed my hands to be free while Mia can see the world! Even as a walking toddler, she still lets me strap her in for a “ride”.

  1. Stay Hot Thermos. What a great invention! A thermos that keeps hot liquids warm for up to 24 hrs and cold liquids cold for up to 6 hrs. REALLY! At this time of year, you can carry around your tea, soup, etc. I still get excited when I open it up hours later and see the steam trickle out.

  1. Lillabee Pancake Mix. Another local Boulder product…..wheat, gluten, dairy, soy, oat and nut free. Our family quickly fell in love with these pancakes  that are light, fluffy…..not at all your typical dense allergy-free pancake. We love…..

  1. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. I highlighted Justin’s last year as well for their nut butter packets. If you add dark chocolate to good nut butter, well the combo  is clearly gonna be fantastic!

  1. Clean Eating Magazine. With no time for books these days, I was on the lookout for a new magazine subscription. Enter Clean Eating Magazine…… I liked the title! This magazine is great if you are looking for a gift or a new read for yourself. Our favorite summer breakfast came from this magazine…..Peachy Dutch Pancake, with our glorious Colorado peaches!

  1. Soda Stream. No, I haven’t gone off the deep end with a recommendation for anything “soda”! But I do like my water to have a little “bubble” from time to time. My in-laws bought us this gift. I love the bubbling beverage…..and the kids laugh at the noise it makes when I add the carbonation……every single time!

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