Every year I highlight some of my favorite things from the past year. If you missed my picks from the last few years, you can check them out: Debbie’s Favorite Things 2011; Debbie’s Favorite Things 2010; Debbie’s Favorite Things 2009; Debbie’s Favorite Things 2008; Debbie’s Favorite Things 2007. And here are my favorites from 2012!

  1. Bone Broth. Who hasn’t at least heard about Bone Broth with the popularity of the GAPS diet right now?! Well, in the last few months my house CONSTANTLY has a broth simmering in the crock pot: my 30-hr beef bone broth, or my 24-hr chicken broth. Besides being so healthy (you can read about them here), they make everything taste good. We use the broth for soups, to cook grains, and even just a few spoonfuls to foods that we are re-warming. Try them…and let me know what you think!

  2. Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays. Although we are not big TV watchers, every week we DVR Oprah’s new series and look forward to watching it. Each week, Oprah sits down with one of today’s spiritual leaders and, for us, it truly is our weekly dose of “food for the soul”.

  3. Mu Towels. Besides being totally modern and cute, these towels rock! Super absorbent, quick drying, and larger than your standard size kitchen towel.

  4. Tulsi Tea. Tulsi is also called Holy Basil. It is considered an adaptogenic herb, helping return stressed physiological systems to normal. I like the original, and often drink it before bed.

  5. Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge. I have always wanted to meditate, but never done so consistently until 6 months ago. For whatever reason, when I started back in June it stuck with me and I have meditated almost every single day since. Even my 8-yr old stepdaughter has started to join us nightly! In November, we signed up for the 21-day meditation challenge. Although we were already meditating nightly, I loved it….found each nights teaching inspiring and highly encourage you to sign up when it is offered again.

  6. Cocomels. 4 words for you: gluten-free, dairy-free, chocolate caramels! Yes, I am serious! I am so totally and madly in love with these. While in NY with my family for Thanksgiving, I talked them up so big that my brother had to try them: overnighted himself 6 boxes of the “four salts” chocolate variety…and they did not disappoint! They told me they have been mail-ordering them since 🙂

  7. Vertical Roaster. I am so fortunate that my mom has been traveling to visit us every 6-8 weeks since my daughter was born, over 2 yrs ago. And when she comes, she cooks! My newest request is her BBQ chicken, which she makes simply on this roaster from Williams-Sonoma. YUM!

  8. Letting the Light In. I have been an avid reader this year. The second I finish one book, I have another one open. We joke in my house that I am a self-help guru (oh, pardon me, it’s now called “self improvement” at Barnes and Noble). I came across this book  and for some reason, his journey spoke to me. Apparently deeply, because I have never underlined so much in a book that I felt relevant–EVER.

  9. Magnesium Lotion. Many of us are Magnesium Deficient, yet Magnesium (Mg) can be a hard mineral to take. Too much oral Mg can cause loose stools, even though our bodies need it. Enter topical Mg.  Mg can be readily absorbed by the skin (in about 20-30 minutes) and by doing so, you bypass the GI tract and related GI symptoms. Mg can be very itchy topically, but this one is by far superior to any I’ve tried!

  10. Savory Spice Shop. I love this place! This year I have really gotten into spice mixes, particularly curries, and various salts. My best friend Pamela (yes, you made my list again this year!) turned me on to the Black Truffle Sea Salt, which I add to my coddled eggs. We also love the red and green curries, the taco seasonings, and the vanilla bean sugar. Poke around and see what you discover!

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