I’ve got a fun & easy snack recipe for you today! These no-bake energy nuggets are loaded with fiber, healthy fats and protein that will give your energy levels a boost without a “crash” later-on. 

They are a great snack to take along with you on a hike or bike ride…or to pack for your kids for school or camp. 

There are two ingredients to take note of…

Brown rice syrup. Brown rice syrup is a sweetener derived from brown rice. It is produced by exposing cooked rice to enzymes that break down starches and turn them into smaller sugars. The result is a thick, sugary syrup. 

Protein Powder. There are many different protein powders on the market today. The protein we use in this recipe comes from my favorite protein powder which is made from hydrolyzed beef, a hypoallergenic protein source from bone broth, which contains a whopping 21 grams of protein per scoop! I find that even my most sensitive clients digest this protein powder incredibly well. Of course, you can substitute your favorite protein powder if you already have one that works for you.



Energy Nuggets
by Debbie Steinbock

½ cup almond butter
½ cup tahini
¼ cup ground pumpkin seeds
¼ cup ground flax seeds
¼ cup unsweetened dried fruit, chopped small (such as cranberries, apricots, strawberries, cherries, etc.), 
1 Tbsp. Protein powder
¼ cup brown rice syrup
shredded coconut flakes (or raw cacao, chia seeds, etc.)


  1. Combine all the ingredients except the coconut flakes and mix together until everything is well mingled.
  2. Roll into small balls and then coat with the shredded coconut.
  3. Keep refrigerated and enjoy.
  4.  For festive occasions, place each one in an individual truffle cup to serve.

About Debbie Steinbock, HHC

After years of being told that she had an "incurable" chronic health condition, Debbie turned to her diet to help her understand her disease, restore her body, and regain control of her health. Her personal journey has given her the knowledge and compassion necessary to help her clients take an active role in their own healing. Since starting her practice in 2000, Debbie has successfully helped hundreds of people across the country to improve their diet, enhance their current state of health, and eliminate a variety of health conditions.

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