One of my favorite things that we do as a family is taking time during dinners to share something that each of us is grateful for. I love hearing what each of the kids share and learning what stood out most to them each week. I also feel so proud, that after all these years, it is usually the kids who reminds us to do this sweet ritual.

One of  my friends recently forwarded me a little twist on this concept that we personally started this month.

The idea is simple: Start the year with an empty jar. Each week add a note with something good that happened or something that you feel grateful for. On December 31st empty the jar and read about the great year you had. I am sharing this with the hope that you too will join along and have a GREAT-ful year with us!

We personally bought a pad with enough colors for all 5 of us to choose a different one. We date each note that we write and at the end of the year we will be able to each read through our own notes easily, and also share memories with each other.

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