Existing Clients

To book your next appointment, you can access my ChARM online calendar.

  • Log into your ChARM portal account and click Request Appointment from the top toolbar.
  • Then select the Provider (Debbie Steinbock) and Visit Type (Existing Client: 50 min).
  • Select the Date you would like. You will see options for the available times (morning/afternoon) for each day.
  • Provide a Reason for the appointment and click Request.

New Clients

To book your New Client appointment, please follow these steps and schedule below.

  • Select the desired appointment length: Nutrition: New Client (60 min) or Nutrition: New Client (90 min)
  • Choose the Date & Time you would like for your appointment
  • When asked “Are you an existing patient,” select NO
  • Please allow 10-20 minutes for the New Client paperwork, which must be completed before you can finalize booking your appointment

About Debbie Steinbock, HHC

After years of being told that she had an "incurable" chronic health condition, Debbie turned to her diet to help her understand her disease, restore her body, and regain control of her health. Her personal journey has given her the knowledge and compassion necessary to help her clients take an active role in their own healing. Since starting her practice in 2000, Debbie has successfully helped hundreds of people across the country to improve their diet, enhance their current state of health, and eliminate a variety of health conditions.

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