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Lose weight


Have more


Conquer your


Sleep better


Reduce stress and anxiety


Empower your relationship with food


Improve digestion


Decrease allergies and inflammation

healthy habits

Recommit to your healthy habits

The Mini Reboot is a balanced program that can help you get back on-track with your diet and wellness goals! We created this 4-day program for the busy person who needs a simple action plan.

What is a reboot?

To us, a Reboot is a short period of time when you intentionally bring in more of the “good stuff.” We will not be giving you a long list of things that you can’t eat. Instead, you can look forward to a delicious done-for-you plan of seasonal, nutritious meals that will assist your body in the reboot you desire.

What makes our programs special is that we also include simple health practices that will nourish you “off of your plate” as well. These rejuvenating practices are easily incorporated into each day of the program to further enhance healing.


While the Mini Reboot may be only 4 days, if you implement these principles and practices regularly, you will feel energized and stronger for the weeks and months to come.

The food was delicious and I liked the flexibility that was built into the program.
- Jade Polizzi

I completed the mini-reboot in early May and LOVED it. I was able to get my husband to do most of it with me and my youngest daughter enjoyed some of the meals and especially the feel-goods.

The food was delicious and I liked the flexibility that was built into the program. I was happy eating primarily what was on each day’s plan while my husband and daughter wanted a bit more protein, carbs, and some desserts.

I’m still making a number of the meals and using the simple ingredients that you suggest on a weekly basis. I especially liked the first day meals though all the smoothies were great.

I’ve now switched from coffee to dandelion tea in the mornings.

Thanks for putting this together!

My cravings for unhealthy food have gone away! I love the fact that I can eat as much as I want and have no guilt!
- Diana and Chris E.

We have technically finished our 4 day mini-reboot! I am happy to say that even though it was designed to last 4 days, we have extended it 8 days already, and I plan to keep going with the recipes and cleaner eating. I definitely went off script with the recipe order. For example, some days we would have the salad (usually lunch recipe) for dinner.

Here is what I have noticed so far:

  1. My cravings for unhealthy food have gone away! Not only that, but if they do pop up its easier to say “no” because they cleaner food just feels better in my body:)
  2. I love the fact that I can eat as much as I want and have no guilt! That is huge for me because before the reboot I would try to eat healthy or eat smaller portions but would somehow always lose control and end up feeling regret or frustration at myself for the lack of control. That was a bad downward spiral.
  3. I love your “new” recipes! These recipes are perfect because they are very simple, and quick to prepare. The flavor combinations are amazing, especially in the sauces and dressings!
  4. I really appreciate the snack and dessert ideas you included because it is great to have something healthy to enjoy when those cravings pop up.
  5. Pre reboot, my energy was really fluctuating through the day and I would tank around 3-5pm. To offset this energy decrease I would start snacking like a madwoman. Cutting way way back on the caffeine, plus eating a more balanced diet, has really helped keep my energy consistent throughout the day. I still do a very small cup of coffee in the morning, but only after my lemon ginger tea.
  6. Bowels are happier too!
  7. I was pretty unaware (before the reboot) that eating a healthy meal here and there wouldn’t do much good. It wasn’t until I did the 4+ days of clean eating that I really started to get hooked on the whole concept. I think the consistency is super important.
  8. I am on the hunt for more recipes like yours that are clean, simple and include seasonal veggies and fruits. I ordered a cookbook on amazon and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. If you ever decide to write a cookbook, I will be your first customer!
  9. Next time you run the longer cleanse programs, I will definitely be signing up!
  10. I am surprised by how much I am enjoying eating this simply. It just feels really good physically and mentally, so THANK YOU for putting this program together!!!
  11. Lastly, I loved seeing you and your husband together! That was really nice to get his input, and I think much of what he said really resonated with Chris.

That's a lot of info, I know, but so much good stuff to share with you!! Thank you!!!

The reboot got me out of my food rut and reset some bad habits. It's amazing how trying a few new recipes can make such a difference.
- Sandra S.

I wanted to write and let you know that I loved the 4 day reboot. I am drinking a blueberry spinach smoothie as I write this.

The reboot got me out of my food rut and reset some bad habits - so very successful for me. It's amazing how trying a few new recipes can make such a difference. I enjoyed having a set meal plan and modifying as needed.

The timing was really good for transitioning into spring and summer diet.

I just wanted to let you know how much I and my family enjoyed the reboot! Even our teenage girls loved it!
- Micah P.

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I and my family enjoyed the reboot! I was doing it and making/cooking extra for them and even our teenage girls loved it! We now have smoothies pretty much every morning, and I'm thinking I'll do the reboot again soon.

Thank you so much!

I LOVE all the tonics! I’ve bought at least four new things I have never purchased before the reboot.
- Michelle Sanders

I LOVE all the tonics! I’ve bought at least four new things I have never purchased before the reboot—look at me growing my brain!

I made a weekly plan of all the meals and how to adapt them for my family so I’m not cooking two dinners. WIN! My son made the carrot soup while I taught yoga tonight, which was another win!!

And lastly, the program materials are GORGEOUS!!!! You must have spent so long working on them and it shows.

I loved the afternoon tonic!! Absolutely loved the carrot soup!!
- F.B.

What was new to me were the tonics (I loved the afternoon tonic!!) and some of the fun recipes. Absolutely loved the carrot soup!! That will be a regular for me. And I'm playing with the different smoothie recipes. Thank you so much.

Program Cost

$177 single enrollment


$157 per person

enroll two or more participants together

Next Date: Spring 2022

The Mini-Reboot includes:

  • A beautiful 40+ page guide
  • Your 4-day meal plan—complete with simple and delicious breakfasts, lunches & dinners for each day
  • Additional recipes—for wholesome snacks & desserts, including chocolate!
  • Reboot Tonics—three daily beverage recipes that taste great and will support your digestion, energy and immunity
  • Reboot Feel-Goods—four practices that encourage you to relax and unwind, helping to shift your nervous system into its healing mode
  • Information and added recipes to help customize your unique experience
  • Live Q&A and program kick-off webinar with Dr. Roy & Debbie Steinbock

Coming Again: Spring 2022*

* This is an opportunity for participants to get all of their questions answered! If you can’t attend the Q&A, you can submit your questions in advance and request a link that will allow you to listen to the replay. However, we will be unable to provide additional program support and answer questions outside the scheduled Q&A.

This program is designed so that you can embark on your 4-Day Mini Reboot any time that works best for you after the LIVE Q&A.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please read our frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us. We are happy to help!

I participated in the 14-day Mindful Reset. How different will this program be?

Although there will be certain elements from the Mindful Reset discussed in this program, the 4-Day Mini Reboot is a totally unique program! The daily meals and Reboot Tonics in this program are new and seasonally-appropriate recipes for the warmer months. The Reboot Feel-Goods practices pull from some concepts discussed in the Mindful Reset but are also new and different.

What makes your program different from other cleanses?

Our programs take a whole-body approach—enabling you to see and feel results quickly, while also creating a lasting transformation.

Many participants have told us that our programs helped them to re-establish a healthy relationship with addictive foods (such as caffeine, sugar, & alcohol) and develop a more mindful way of eating that honors their body and their needs more fully. For many, our program enabled them to make changes that they carried forward, well beyond their participation in the program. Please read some success stories from our former program participants.

What kinds of foods will I be eating?

This program is plant-based with additional omnivore options to best serve everyone’s dietary needs. You will receive plenty of information and recipes to create the program that works best for your body.

Will there be supplements to take?

No, this is a food-based program and there are no supplements to purchase. All food and supplies can be purchased at your local health food store or supermarket.

Will I be hungry?

You are encouraged to eat whenever you are truly hungry and there are no calorie restrictions. You can customize your program to include the foods that are best for you. You will receive recipes that include a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, gluten-free grains, some legumes, some animal proteins, and healing tonic beverages.

Can I do the Reboot if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes, adopting an unprocessed whole foods diet is a wonderful diet for both mom and developing baby! The goal of this program is not calorie restriction, so please eat adequate amounts of high-quality foods—good fats, ample protein, vegetable starches, and whole grains carbohydrates.

What if I want to do the program for longer than 4 days?

The Mini-Reboot is designed to be 4 days; however, you can always continue for longer. We will discuss how to do this in the Live Q&A. In addition, you can also book a session with Debbie to help customize your program, if you’d like.

Should I sign up for the program with a family member or friend?

YES! We highly encourage you to sign up with your significant other, a family member, or a friend (or a group of friends) so you can motivate each other! Registration for this program is per person and we ask that each participant sign-up individually. We offer discounted rates for two or more individuals who sign up together.

What if I don't cook?

You don’t need to be a good cook to succeed with this program! You will need to plan to spend some time on food shopping and food preparation. This can be done very simply and still be very successful.

Will 4 days really make a difference in my health?

While the foundation of this program is diet, we will also address other important aspects of health including stress, relaxation and self-care. All of these things are interrelated in the big picture of health. If you implement the principles and practices that you learn regularly, you can feel healthier for the weeks and months to come!

Will I receive individualized support for my health as a program participant?

Participants should not expect to receive individualized support for specific health concerns. Our intention is to provide general guidance on the dietary and lifestyle content of the program. Occasionally the need arises for more individualized support, and program participants are welcome to schedule a one-on-one session with Debbie.

What if I cannot attend the live Q&A?

Please try your best to attend the LIVE Q&A! This is the opportunity participants will have to get all their questions answered. If you miss the Q&A, you can request a link that will enable you to listen to the replay. However, we will be unable to provide additional program support and answer questions outside the scheduled Q&A.

Will there be a private Facebook group?

Due to the short length of this program, we will not have a private Facebook group.

What if I register and then I change my mind?

Please do not register unless you are committed to embarking on this program. We cannot offer any refunds.

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