Mindful Pediatrics Office Hours & Policies

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Holistic Pediatrics Office Boulder COMindful Pediatrics Office Hours

Monday: 9am – 5 pm (office closed from 1 – 2pm)

Tuesday: 9am – 5 pm (office closed from 1 – 2pm)

Wednesday: 9am – 1 pm

Thursday: 9am – 5 pm (office closed from 1 – 2pm)

Friday: 9am – 5 pm (office closed from 1 – 2pm)

All visits must be scheduled. To schedule a visit, please call the office at 303.318.4102. Same day urgent appointments are generally available.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. Our office schedules only one patient at a time and we pride ourselves on being timely. Arriving a bit early ensures that you will be ready for your visit to start on time.


Financial Policy

Mindful Pediatrics does not accept any insurance. We will provide you with a Super Bill for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement based on your out of network coverage. Because Dr. Roy is a Board Certified M.D., most of our patients receive significant reimbursement.

Your payment is due in full at the time of service. We accept cash, check or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard & Discover).


Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 48-hour’s (2 business days) notice is required for canceling/rescheduling any appointment.

Mindful Pediatrics takes pride in our policy of scheduling only one patient at a time. Unlike other doctor’s offices who schedule 2 or 3 patients in the same time-slot (which is why you generally wait 30-60 minutes to be seen), at our office your appointment time is reserved exclusively for your child.

In keeping with our philosophy, this allows us to serve our patients in the best way possible but also limits the number of patients we can accommodate in any given day. In addition, we generally have patients who are on a wait-list for when appointments become available and a 48-hour cancellation/reschedule policy allows us to accommodate those patients in a timelier manner.

We care about our patients and we want you to know that our cancellation policy is not a punishment, but a system based on mutual respect. 98% of our patients understand this. Very rarely, we have a patient who will feel that they are being punished by being charged for their missed appointment. We want to make sure that you don’t feel this way (if someday you miss an appointment), and therefore it is important to be clear about this ahead of time.

We try our best to help you avoid cancellation fees by using an email reminder system. Although we do this as a courtesy to our patients, please understand that remembering the date and time of your appointment is your responsibility.


Email Communication

Giving medical advice is complex and often requires a dialogue that is better handled in person or by telephone. For this reason, we do not respond to medical questions via email.