Mindful Pediatrics Philosophy

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What Is Mindful Pediatrics?


Mindful: the state of being conscious or aware of something


Pediatrics:  a branch of medicine that focuses on the care and development of children from infancy to adolescence



holistic pediatrician boulder coloradoMindful Living

Mindfulness is an art of living. It is a systematic approach to attaining harmony and peace within ourselves and within the world in which we live.

The simple practice of mindfulness allows us to pay attention to the present moment objectively and without judgment, to see things as they actually are.

Mindful Parentingintegrative pediatrics boulder co

Parenting is a wakeup call. It is an opportunity to realize our greatest potential as human beings. Mindful parenting makes it possible to know ourselves and our children more deeply than we could imagine.

With mindful parenting we use awareness of the present moment to guide parental decisions. By giving attention to our family’s everyday challenges and rewards, we can nurture and fully experience each moment.



holistic pediatrician boulder coloradoMindful Pediatrics

At Mindful Pediatrics, we have created a practice that promotes the highest quality of care in a supportive and nurturing environment. We practice evidence-based Western Medicine with a holistic approach. We believe that each child is unique and deserves to be understood from a biological, psychological, spiritual and social perspective.

We use our knowledge of general pediatrics, nutrition, mindfulness, and holistic medicine to guide our patients and their families in both well care and illness. We select the most appropriate and supportive combination to achieve the best outcome. Taking the time to get to know each patient is the key to an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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