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“Debbie is the perfect combination of knowledge and compassion.” – R.G.

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I had been chronically ill for many years with acid reflux and IBS. I had been poked every way possible, with no answers from all the testing. They just keep handing me more pills to take. I was at my end of the rope when I meet Debbie.

Seeing Debbie has totally changed my life. I was a total non-believer but have come full circle with her knowledge and support. She has opened my eyes to what a whole food is—and why the difference matters. Since I have started eating whole foods (most of time) I have had wonderful results. Less acid and almost no need for acid reducers pills, increased energy, skin improvement, and an overall sense of freedom, plus wonderful recipes!

I am very thankful for the changes I’ve made and know these changes are not temporally but a total life change.

– C.T.

I want to thank you so much for helping my daughter, Lisa, get better. She is here with me in New York City this week – and I’m thrilled with her good health, her new eating “style” and her attitude about whole and organic foods.

Your program of healthy eating and learning to choose the right foods has given her a life back. She’s quite a different young woman today than the one who walked into your office back in early October. Thank you so much for your guidance…and thanks for helping my daughter get healthy again!

– Cathy G.

I have suffered from symptoms of IBS for years. I am so thrilled to have found Debbie Sarfati and Whole Nourishment. I have been symptom free since working with Debbie and know I will remain so with all the great information, ideas, recipes and wisdom I have received.

It was a refreshing experience to work with someone with personal experience who had treated herself and then used the information to assist others. I highly recommend that everyone with any health issues to talk to Debbie.

I no longer have the digestive problems associated with IBS or the stress of worrying about not feeling well while away from home. My daughter has stopped asking me why I never feel good. What a great result!

– Diana G.

Through out my life I have dealt with digestion problems, such as nausea, heart burn, and stomach aches, to name a few. There has never been a doctor that was able to tell me the cause of my discomfort. About a year and a half ago I started working a desk job and became heavier than I have ever been before.

The day I found Debbie was a new beginning to my existence. In the past 6 weeks I have been reminded about what foods are good for me and those that are not. I have been able to recognize the way different foods make me feel and I no longer crave the things I used to think I could not live without (ie. chocolate).

The Whole Nourishment program has introduced me to new foods that I did not know existed but my body is SO thankful that I have finally discovered them. I am finally able to give my body what it has been asking me to for years. The majority of my digestive problems have disappeared and I have lost a good chunk of the access weight I have gained. My knowledge of nutrition as well as my love and excitement for cooking grows daily. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself.

– Rachel G.

Have you ever had someone come into your life and change you forever? I had been sick for years going from doctor to doctor. For the first time in six years, I felt reassured and confident that there was a light at the end of the dark tunnel. I had never been given any hope, before meeting Debbie.

Doctors had told me to take various medicines and that would better my condition. This method, I thought, was just a band-aid trying to cover up a problem that needed more attention. I had been at my wits end, not knowing what to try next and wondered if I would ever be better.

I was tired and drained from being sick. After one month with Debbie, my life started to change. My feelings towards food changed. I began to understand what I was putting in my body and how it was affecting me.

My weekly percentage of home cooking has changed from 10% to about 75% on average. She has made my cooking experience a fun one rather than a chore. Her monthly group cooking classes were amazing because in each and every class we all learned about new foods, creative ways to cook and season them, and most of all, about one another.

Now at the end of six-months, I feel like a rejuvenated, health-conscious, and strong person. My meetings and cooking classes have brought me to a different point in my life with good health, strength, and the desire to continue to take an initiative in my life.

– Shari S.

Shari and I have been together for 6 years and for almost all of that time she has had some sort of an intestinal problem. She had seen many doctors who all told her different things and put her on various medications. Then, Shari met Debbie Sarfati and things would never be the same again. Our diets changed from takeout fried food to home-cooked healthy meals. The time that Debbie has spent with Shari has influenced both of our lives in such a positive way. She has provided more insight and care about Shari’s disorder than all of her doctor’s combined. Debbie has communicated what is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a way we had not understood before and we are forever grateful for that.

– Josh S.

When I became one of Debbie’s clients, I didn’t know much about nutrition and was having lots of digestion problems. Within a week of trying some of her suggestions I started feeling much better. I was so excited that simple changes in diet could be so rewarding so quickly. Now after two months all my digestion problems are gone and I look at food in a totally different and improved way.

– Mark K.

I can safely say that Debbie Sarfati changed my life! Last year I mysteriously* began suffering from severe digestion problems. Dairy, sugar, wheat, and any and all processed foods were suddenly no longer an option for me (I won’t get into details, one word….gas). My thoughts on “healthy eating” were turned upside down once I learned Debbie’s philosophies. I had been unknowingly sneaking unwholesome foods into my diet for a long time. In Debbie’s program I began eating whole grains, a lot more greens, leaner meats and much healthier snacks. My skin was clearer than ever and glowing, I lost weight, and looked better than I had in years. By following Debbie’s dietary suggestions, I allowed my body to process at its optimum levels.

*I later found out that a medication that I was taking was the root cause of my sudden digestion problems – switching from name brand to generic. Interestingly enough, working with Debbie allowed me to alleviate about 80% of the symptoms even though I was STILL TAKING THE MEDICATION EVERY DAY. Healthy food can do wonders!

– Margaret S.


At the age of 53, I became significantly ill with ulcerative colitis. After 18 months of illness, I was taking lots of medication, feeling worse and suspecting that traditional medicine was not the answer for me. My doctor assured me that diet really didn’t play any significant role in my illness but my intuition told me better.

My health improved dramatically after my first consultation with Debbie. I feel like I know what to eat and have progressed to the point where I feel like I’m in control of my life again.

Out of all the health professionals I’ve seen for this problem (GI doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Physical Therapists, Holistic Physicians, Homeopathic Physicians and more), I have received by far the most help and best information from Debbie. Besides helping with diet, Debbie has helped me find appropriate supplements and has been an excellent referral source for my specific questions. Really, she has been a life-saver!

– Steven S.

I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 10 years ago at the age of 17. Since then I have undergone 3 intestinal surgeries; several trips to the ER and several hospital stays; have had too many X-rays, CAT scans, and colonoscopies to count; and have tried every medication out there for Crohn’s, most with severe side-effects. After a time, I decided this is my fate and I needed to just accept the fact that I’d always be tired, hurting, depressed and on some sort of terrible medication. I trusted my doctors, who told me this was a chronic illness, that I would always need to be on maintenance drugs, and that I should eat whatever I want because food does not affect this auto-immune disease. So, I continued to eat chips and chocolate every day, drank my coffee, and rarely cooked.

At that point, over a year ago, I was recovering from my latest surgery, was taking steroids and having monthly Remicade infusions, and my hair was falling out from malnutrition. My husband heard about Debbie from a co-worker and looked up her website. He emailed me with her website and said I should really look into what she has to offer. I have saved that email for over a year because it was truly the moment my life changed!

Since our initial meeting with Debbie, I feel like a completely new person! Within weeks of seeing Debbie the constant pain in my right side was hardly detectable, the ever-present diarrhea was gone, my hair stopped falling out and I actually had energy! Within two months I was off all medication and the pain had disappeared! Since our initial consultation with Debbie last June I have not been in to see my gastroenterologist once, I have not taken any prescription medication, and have not needed any X-rays or diagnostic tests.

Debbie has changed my entire perspective on food and nutrition and on how important it is to consider everything that goes into my body and everything that affects my overall health. The mental changes I’ve undergone are also amazing. For 10 years I felt like I had no control over my body, I wondered why I was suffering so much and everyone else seemed so healthy (classic “why me?” syndrome), and I felt completely defeated. Now I know that I do have control over my body and I do have the ability, really the responsibility, to take charge of and to change my own health.

I didn’t realize how sick I was until I began to feel better and to heal. Looking back, I am upset that I lived the way I did for so long. Being so sick affected every aspect of my life and everyone in my life. My husband and family, my friends, and my career suffered right along with me. When I tell other people about Debbie, I get tears in my eyes and I want everyone I love to begin really thinking about what they eat and how it affects their bodies. I want to tell everyone I know that is ill to go and see Debbie. I feel it should be mandatory that everyone newly diagnosed with Crohn’s goes to see Debbie! I want all Crohn’s patients to know there IS hope and you CAN heal!

– Tara R.

My preliminary colonoscopy report was great. My doctor actually said “for as long as I have been seeing you (15 years) I have never seen your colon so healthy”. Debbie: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

In addition to my general well being and incredible health improvement through the diet recommendations you have given me, my preliminary report today tells me that you have definitely taught me how to take control of my Ulcerative Colitis through eating a healthy diet and healthy supplements and I cannot thank you enough. You have definitely changed my life for the better.

– David

In May 2006 I began seeing Debbie to get help managing what I thought was a severe case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I was constantly bloated and constipated and the multiple medications I was on did not seem to be helping.

I ate fairly healthy and exercised and could not understand why I always felt so sick. Debbie and I started working on my diet to see if I noticed any changes. However, after a few sessions, Debbie started explaining the symptoms of Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance to me. I knew I had already had a blood test for Celiac Disease, and it was negative, so I didn’t think I could have it. However, Debbie informed me of a new test that I could take that would be more sensitive than a blood test. Although my parents were skeptical, we all agreed it was a good idea to go ahead and do the test.

The symptoms that Debbie described as being related to Celiac & gluten intolerance all seemed to make sense with what I was experiencing. I was tired, constipated, bloated, and in a lot of pain usually all related to what I ate. When the tests came back, the results were shocking, but a relief as well.

After four painful years of eliminating various foods and taking different medicines, I finally had an answer. I was gluten intolerant! Debbie and I began discussing my new gluten free way of living and within weeks I began to see results. My stomach felt better and I had more energy.

Living gluten free is surprisingly very easy, but I would have been lost without Debbie’s assistance. Her cooking classes and gluten-free recipes are so helpful, and I don’t feel like I am missing anything wheat-related in my diet.

I am 21 years old and it is so comforting to know that I don’t have to live the next 80 years in pain. I can’t thank her enough for helping me feel better and live a better life!


I’m very lucky to have found Debbie, she has saved my life.

Roughly eleven years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease while attending college. At the time the doctors assured me that it wasn’t that serious of a thing. I felt a sense of relief since I felt that this is easily controlled with medicine and isn’t something I should worry about.

Like the typical American, I never took too much time to educate myself about foods I was eating. As the years went on I experienced digestive issues but mostly chose to ignore them. Slowly but surely more and more things were becoming harder and harder for me to eat. Also during this time my frustration with doctors grew more and more. I couldn’t find a doctor that I thought had decent knowledge on Crohn’s and how diet affects it. I kept getting the same answer over and over, it doesn’t matter what foods you eat – nothing is going to hurt or help it. Little did I know that during this time my gut was a ticking time bomb.

Roughly two years ago my life took a drastic change when I had to have emergency surgery to have roughly two feet of my small intestine removed with a little of my large. During this hospital stay I lost almost 40 pounds of muscle in about two weeks. Several additional hospital stays were required in the following months mainly due to infections from the major surgery. After the surgeries life became more and more challenging and my digestion was an absolute mess, needless to say I lost more weight.

Finally I found myself interested and motivated to take this on. I engulfed myself in educating myself with knowledge along with desperately trying to find someone that could help me.

So this is the good part of the story…

Well I found Debbie, YEAH. From the first phone call I had with her to our first meeting and every interaction in the last six months with her since, she has been amazing. Each interaction is very personalized and always filled with new ideas to improve my health. Her education on the gut, foods, drink, cooking and supplements is one of a kind. I have made dramatic improvements with my health thanks to her. I am now able to eat a wider range of foods and it is growing all the time. I am putting weight back on and feeling the best I have in almost two years. I finally feel normal.

I can’t express how much I appreciate her kindness, positive attitude, dedication, knowledge, openness and hard work. Thank you Debbie!

-Keith D.

I was first diagnosed with “symptoms of Crohn’s Disease” over 30 years ago while I was in college. I was given a muscle relaxant and that was about it. It took another 12 years before I had a major flare-up, was in and out of the hospital and could not eat anything without getting sick. The doctor prescribed high doses of Prednisone, which “controlled” the symptoms but caused major side effects. I still ended up having a portion of my small intestine removed. I finally felt healthy. My doctor suggested that I take fish oil and probiotics because there was some evidence that these may help Crohn’s patients. He also said that I would stay healthier if I didn’t see him anymore. While he meant this as a joke, I took it as my mantra. I was determined not to require medication again.

I had been told that food would not cause flare-ups. That it was only during a flare-up that I needed to watch what I ate. So, right after my surgery, I started eating everything. I had been deprived too long and deep inside was afraid I would have to limit myself again someday. Of course, this resulted in weight gain. I didn’t care because I was feeling so good and not having any real symptoms. I did follow my doctor’s advice and took fish oil and probiotics everyday – not understanding the different quality products that were out there. I also found that it was important to keep to a regular eating and sleeping schedule and keep my aggravation level down.

This worked for a number of years. About 2 years ago, I started to experience symptoms. Nothing serious but I knew my digestion wasn’t great and the Crohn’s related arthritis was acting up. I also wasn’t sleeping well and didn’t have the same energy I once had. This was about the time I turned 50 and decided that I needed to pay more attention to my health. There was no one locally that I could consult with who understood Crohn’s Disease other than gastroenterologists. So, I started reading about alternative approaches to medical treatment. I started buying organic foods and going for acupuncture for my arthritis and digestion problems (which helped). One day while waiting for my appointment, I saw an article about Debbie in the Alternative Medicine magazine. I decided I needed to talk to this woman because she sounded like someone who would understand my situation.

I was right. Debbie really does understand – not only how to deal with the Crohn’s but how difficult it can be to eat right when you have a busy schedule. She helped me tweak my diet, plan my meals and snacks and select the right supplements as well as giving me tips on how to stock my fridge. She is easy to talk to and understands that changes don’t happen overnight. I didn’t realize how much better my digestion could be nor did I remember what normal digestion was. I know it now thanks to Debbie. Participating in Debbie’s Long Distance Program was the best gift I could give myself this past holiday season.

-Randi K.

I had been having issues for quite some time, before I thought I should go to the doctor. I put it off for the same reason anyone would; I feared the results. I ended up going to a specialist that diagnosed me with Ulcerative Colitis.

I went through two different medications that did nothing for me. I felt that I wasn’t being helped, but that I was just a pay check. I would go in for a few minutes and be charged hundreds of dollars for nothing. I had enough.

I talked to my parents and they knew a guy whose son had worked with Debbie. There’s nothing better then going to someone for help and getting the sense that they actually care about what you’re going through, and knowing you’re not just a pay check to them.

Debbie educated me on what “eating right” really meant. I always thought that eating right was not eating all the junk food, fast food, the occasional Subway, and just buying whatever looked to be good for you. In reality there’s a lot more to it then that!

I was dumbfounded by what she had taught me! I learned so much and feel that I have gained so much more then just feeling better! I’m not yet a hundred percent, but I have a lot more energy, I feel better physically, and my blood pressure has gone down. That alone should add 50 years to my life! I feel that what I’ve learned is life changing and there’s no way that I’ll ever go back to the old habits.

-Lars C.

I haven’t felt this good as long as I can remember! Your approach to well being is so great, involving all of the systems of the body. It’s amazing the changes I’ve seen, even in the first week. I have so much more energy and no pain! My symptoms of Crohn’s have really gone away and I feel great. I’m so grateful that now I know for sure something that works for me. No need to bother with the meds that never worked anyway, just be good to the body and it will be good to you. It’s been a great life change.

– Megan F.


I sought out Debbie a few years ago for another opinion on how I was managing my thyroid autoimmune condition. It was one of the best decisions for my health I ever made. She was extremely helpful in streamlining my ongoing care and treatment so that I was doing the most effective actions to calm my condition. She provided invaluable education and insight into choices around thyroid hormone supplementation, diet, and lifestyle, and was also capable of addressing other systems in my body (such as adrenals, digestion) that had been impacted by my autoimmune condition. She has been not only a compassionate listener, but also one of the most informed and knowledgeable practitioners I have worked with around this issue. I was recently filling out a health form and noticed I had not one single symptom to report! I have Debbie and her incredible support to thank for that!

– Ellen Boeder

I had a baby girl in early March 2014, and I was feeling most of the usual new mom “symptoms”—exhausted, crazy mood swings, body evolving every day, etc. When my little girl turned six months old, though, something else changed. On top of being exhausted, I also began experiencing stomach issues every day. You name it, I had it—bloating/pain, diarrhea, rumbling, etc. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, because a) my diet hadn’t changed, and b) I’d never had this kind of stomach upset in my life. I struggled every day at work, hoping I could make it to lunch or my planning period.

I saw my regular doctor, explaining my stomach issues, and she told me I had IBS and that I needed to eat more fiber. Right then a flag went up. More fiber? I ate a decent amount of fruits and veggies every day. Confused, I asked around about someone who might know something about stomach issues, postpartum or not. A close friend suggested meeting with Debbie. At the same time, I decided I should stop eating gluten. My mom is gluten sensitive (not celiac) and I was desperate to try anything.

I set up an appointment for two days before Thanksgiving. Debbie listened well, asking questions about stress and sleep too. I was relieved when she was wary of an IBS diagnosis and then she asked if I’d ever checked my thyroid. I hadn’t heard that from my doctor because all of my symptoms had been blamed on normal postpartum “flux,” for lack of a better word. Debbie suggested that I get my thyroid tested along with my antibodies. I got the tests done and was floored to find out that my thyroid numbers were off, and my antibodies were up—classic Hashimoto’s. Now I knew that my exhaustion and stomach trouble had a cause. Debbie added dairy to my restrictions, and I began eating gluten and dairy free. I also started taking supplements to help boost my immune system.

Within a few weeks, my stomach was improving and I began to feel a lot better. Another great thing happened…I lost the last of my baby weight! My body had been “holding on” to the last 15 pounds or so, and I was frustrated with my body. Without Debbie’s help, I would still be struggling to meet my goal weight. She also had me meditate a few minutes a day to manage my stress. I still meditate now and am grateful for her encouragement!

After the New Year, my thyroid continued to rebalance with the introduction of synthetic thyroid. I was still exhausted, even though my baby girl was sleeping through the night. Debbie explained that the adrenal system is closely tied to the thyroid; a test of my adrenal function would help explain my continued fatigue. I did a mail-in test and found that my cortisol levels were low. No wonder I felt like I was dragging myself out of bed; my cortisol was half of what it needed to be! I started taking supplements to support my adrenals and within two weeks, I felt more like my old self. I am SO grateful for Debbie’s expertise, careful explanations, and the way she relates to me as a new mom. She changed my health permanently for the better, and I am convinced that without her help, I would still be fighting to feel normal again. Debbie is extremely knowledgeable, empathetic, caring, committed and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to change his or her life for the better!

– Nicolette R.


I have always had issues related to my weight. I began seeing doctors when I was 9 yrs old. As a teen I was placed on “diet pills” which worked great as long as I stayed on the pills. There was no education about eating, cooking, etc. I have spent all of my adult life seeking the answer to permanent weight loss. I have been a weight watcher, body for life, sugar blues, protein power, zone, atkins and rosedale follower. I have more books on diets than any other subject. Did they work for me? Some did, some better than others, but the piece that was missing was that I could not continue any of those diets for the rest of my life. You see, I like variety and when you tell me I can’t have something, guess what? That something is the one thing I want more than anything else and I blow the whole diet. Most times I gain back even more weight than when I started.

At age 55 and a weight of over 200 pounds, I knew I was destined for bigger health issues. I work in healthcare and see the results of people not taking care of themselves every day.

I thought I knew all about nutrition, but after meeting with Debbie, I quickly realized that my knowledge was very limited. I also realized I was talking to a professional with a wealth ofinformation that could really help me find the answers to losing weight and regaining my health at the same time.

Those first three months were very interesting as I tried various recipes with foods I had never ventured to prepare let alone eat. At the end of three months, I was eating healthy foods but I had gained seven pounds doing so. I told Debbie I needed to get serious about my weight and was ready to do whatever she suggested so I began with a cleanse in March. I lost 13 pounds during those two weeks, but more importantly, I no longer was drinking caffeine or consuming sugar in any form. My energy level was consistently high, no numb and dumb periods. My mood was great, no temper tantrums or crying jags. Even my hot flashes seemed to be less frequent and I was sleeping better.

Now it is June, and I have lost a total of 35 pounds.My cholesterol is below 200 (170) and I will be coming off statins later this year as I feel confident that I can keep my numbers in the healthy range with my new way of eating. Words cannot express the appreciation I have for Debbie and her approach to nutrition. The education, recipes, cooking classes, coaching and genuine desire to help others is what I was looking for.I still have another 30 pounds to lose and I feel confident that I will reach my goal because I have the skills and knowledge to do it.

– Judy O.

I’ve found that eating healthful foods has changed my body. When I try and eat something I think I’m craving, I almost immediately can feel my body letting me know that this is no longer pleasurable. I’ve given up a lot of foods and beverages that were pulling me down. I was so tired all the time. By cutting out all the processed sugars in foods, I have so much more energy.

I especially love the newfound attitude, sense of well-being and finally enjoying eating the foods I’ve known all along that I should be eating. I’ve lost 20 pounds and two inches from my waist. With the new me, I’m walking prouder and feeling so good about myself.

– Dick K.

So, the major question is what did I want to accomplish when I started this whole nutrition “thing”? Well, the major answer is weight loss. And while this is happening slowly, but surely, along the road I have come up with new goals. And I think that’s sort of the point of this whole nutrition bit, or at least it is with Debbie’s nutrition bit. In slowly altering my eating habits and incorporating new and better foods into my diet I am also changing my life, myself. The goals have become more about “whole living” and not just eating better and losing weight.

I am thinking about all aspects of my life as being intertwined. My schedule relates to my eating, which relates to my school work, which relates to my career search, and on and on. Not a single part of my life is unaffected when I change aspects around. And through seeing that I can change my nutrition, I gain the ability to change other aspects of my life that need improving. With Debbie’s help I am improving my life/myself.

– Amber S.


For so many years my main staples included cookies, cake and candy…everyday. My energy got so low I couldn’t go a day without a nap. I had digestive problems and my lightheadedness and dizzy spells got too frequent. It scared me and I had to do something drastic. The final straw was when I came to the realization that I couldn’t run the 2002 Bolder Boulder. Since I moved to Boulder three years ago, my goal was to run the Bolder Boulder and beat my time each year. I went to the doctor and took all kinds of tests to figure out what was wrong and everything came back normal. I knew then and there that it was time to fix my eating habits; it was the only thing it could possibly be.

After meeting with Debbie, I felt worlds better…the next day! I woke up energized, had a great, long workout and felt strong and healthy. Three days later, I ran the Bolder Boulder. I couldn’t believe it. My friends are inspired and I’m so excited that I talk about it all the time. There’s still so much to learn. I’m definitely not perfect and don’t eat the right things all the time. I like that Debbie doesn’t judge and she doesn’t tell me I can’t ever eat ice cream or cookies. That way it’s all on me to figure out what makes me feel good and what doesn’t. I look forward to our meetings and for the first time I’m excited about food.

-Jody A.

Even though I’d always felt like a source of information for other people regarding nutrition, I could not figure out why following the “pyramid” and focusing on eating a low fat, veggie and fruit rich diet was not getting me through my day. Debbie’s Whole Nourishment program has given me the necessary tools to readdress my nutritional needs in order to maintain my energy levels in a healthful and fun way. I now am beginning to connect foods to my moods, my energy levels, and my overall happiness. I am becoming a person who knows how to use food to nourish myself mentally, emotionally, and not just physically.

-Anne R.

When I decided to start training for a Half Ironman distance triathlon I knew proper nutrition was essential. What I didn’t realize was how much proper nutrition could improve my athletic performance. After only two weeks of healthier eating, I noticed a significant decrease in my heart rate (around 10 beats) during the same workouts I performed prior.

-Jeff S.

I was able to significantly elevate my Ironman USA performance in one year from finishing in 286th place in 2002 (11:18) to finishing in 80th place in 2003 (10:28). The only thing that I did differently from a preparation standpoint was to start working with Debbie to improve my nutrition. I never realized the importance of nutrition until I met with her. I was not eating poorly, I was just not eating correctly to maximize my health and my performance. I can honestly say that she is playing a pivotal role in helping me work toward my triathlon goals. You can train for years and years, but you will never reach your true potential without properly fueling your body. I highly recommend working Debbie to take your results and health to the next level.

– Jonathan Roche – 6 time Ironman Triathlon Finisher and 9 time Boston Marathon Finisher


My son Marcus is a changed man at 7 years old, thanks to an approach to nutrition that honors what his body needs…..At Marcus’s six-year-old check-up, we finally found a doctor we liked, who listened to us, and could see Marcus as a person. He noticed that Marcus was overweight, and that his growth was out of whack for his age. He also noticed that Marcus had some behavioral issues going on. I told him that we ate healthy – whole grains, lots of fruit and veggies, lean protein, etc. – and that I really felt at wits end about how to help Marcus. That day, we were referred to Debbie for Nutritional Counseling, to a local Occupational Therapist, and to a Pediatric Endocrinologist to test for growth abnormalities.

Marcus got diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder by the OT, which felt like a confirmation that something was up with our son, and that it wasn’t because we are bad parents. While the endocrinologists did their freak-out medical thing, we went to see Debbie almost as a last resort. I dreaded the visit, because I thought she wouldn’t believe me that we work hard to feed Marcus healthy food. Still, I didn’t know what to do for him, and I was resigned to the diets of my childhood – boiled chicken breasts, low-fat diet food, and tasteless vegetables – no fun food! I was willing to do anything, if it meant that Marcus might feel better.

What went down in that first appointment was life-altering for my whole family, Marcus and myself included. Debbie put together all of the problems we had been facing with Marcus from his infancy. Gluten, it turns out, can impact our neurological functioning (hence, Marcus’s sensory processing disorder), our gastrointestinal functioning (hence, the “accidents”), and a whole host of other problems, including weight issues, dental issues, growth issues, and more! We got tested, and found out that we all have a genetic disposition to gluten sensitivity, and that Marcus was allergic to gluten, in addition to dairy!

Our kitchen is gluten-free, now, and while it was a big transition, my entire family feels so much better that you couldn’t pay me to go back to our old way of eating, and our old lifestyle around food.

We are amazed at the dramatic impact going gluten-free has had in our son’s life. We don’t have to convince Marcus not to eat gluten or dairy – he can see for himself that he feels better when he eats food that likes him back. He has become his own advocate now, letting people know that he doesn’t eat gluten or dairy, because they make him feel bad! Marcus no longer craves bread and baked goods. We used to have battles over the bread basket, and now Marcus just stops eating – even sweets!- when he feels full. There are no more accidents… at all…ever. No more ear infections. No more growth issues. He has gotten leaner, his skin, hair, and eyes are shinier, and he has discovered a love for using his body for healthy activities he used to avoid, like rock-climbing and football. He has gotten better at making friends, and keeping them. His teacher at school looked at us like we were crazy when we told her that he had been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder. She says she has never had any behavior issues, and that Marcus is a great listener, a focused worker, and an asset to the class. Even my mother, who dismisses our “Crazy Boulder” food lifestyle, noticed that Marcus is calmer and more present to himself and others these days.

We are grateful to have found Debbie, and grateful to have been able to put together what seemed like separate, independent issues into a holistic plan for wellness.

– Rachel S.

I want to thank you for all the help that you have given me in order to help Lauren. You were the one to “diagnose” Lauren with her health issues, not the doctors. I have thanked God often for placing you in my path. You have been a fabulous support and guide into the world of gluten free, milk free, and whole foods.

She is doing so well on her diet. She rarely says now that “my tummy ache hurts”. Which always sounded to me like she had a constant stomach ache, but it hurt more at certain times. She is ravenous over the last 2 weeks. I am not sure why, but all she wants to do is eat. She eats a great breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks in between. Sometimes, 30 minutes after a meal, she is ready for another meal!

Anyway, thank you for all that you have done. My baby is happy all the time now, without a stomach ache!!!

– Shelby B.

Debbie Sarfati changed my daughter’s life! My 15 year old daughter, Rachel, was diagnosed with mild hypoglycemia in 2009. Our pediatrician suggested we consult a nutritionist to help manage Rachel’s hypoglycemia. A good friend recommended Debbie, saying she was a “nutrition angel”.

Before Rachel started seeing Debbie, she was taking Prevacid (prescription antacid medication) every day for her heartburn. After Rachel started seeing Debbie, implementing Debbie’s suggestions and following a healthier diet, she no long takes her Prevacid – she doesn’t need it.

Rachel’s moods are better, she has more energy and best of all, she is in control of her own health. As a young adult I felt it was important for her to take charge of her health. She has embraced a healthier lifestyle; she has her own grocery list, and prepares her own food; I am so proud of her! Rachel has influenced the rest of our family to make better diet choices, and as a result we all feel much healthier. Debbie is our nutrition angel.

–Norma W.

I’m 15 years old and last year I was diagnosed with mild hypoglycemia. My Dr. recommended that I should try to eat every few hours and that would help me. It wasn’t enough, since she had not told me what to eat or why, so I ate whatever food I was hungry for, every few hours, but I ended up feeling worse, and had constant heartburn. I tried fixing these problems by taking heartburn medication prescribed by my doctor every evening and trying to “boost” my energy by eating sugary foods. This only gave me immediate relief and a few hours later I was back to square one. I was tired all the time and when I was tired, I was cranky, frustrated, and couldn’t focus on things like homework that needed to be done; I knew something had to be wrong for me to feel this way all the time, and to have to take heartburn medication every day.

My mom decided to take me to see Debbie after talking to a friend who highly recommended her. I was really excited to start changing my diet with Debbie’s help, desperate to feel better and to bring up my energy level. After the first few sessions, I was having a hard time trying new foods and tossing the Cheetos and I wasn’t sure that all this would even help. However, soon I started noticing that eating certain foods helped keep my energy up longer and I didn’t have such a hard crash. I liked many of the new foods and I am now hooked on pomegranates. I am proud to say that I no longer need to take any medication for my heartburn. My energy level and overall wellness level is constant and where it should be. My body prefers healthier foods; eating things that I used to love like Cheetos and , now makes me feel awful and I can’t eat them any more without regretting it. Debbie has truly changed my life and I am very grateful. Thank you so much Debbie!

–Rachel W.


To me Debbie is a saving grace. I feel so partnered with in my goal to be well and thriving. Debbie is an amazing listener and provider of wisdom, knowledge, research and options. Not only is she masterful at what she does, she invites me into my own mastery and self empowerment for my health and my life. I’ve lost track of how many people I’ve sent to her, she’s THAT good!

– Danae S.

I want to share something with you. I was looking through my old organizer for the past year and came upon a stunning revelation. Exactly one year ago I was seeing my N.D. who got me started on focusing on my diet to treat my yeast problem.So, eager to get better, I wrote down everything I ate for a month and also rated how much discomfort I was feeling. Looking at my diet then, I was eating better but I was eating things like cantaloupe, pineapple and bread (the bad processed kind) every day. Of course, with the exception of a few reprieves, my symptoms remained and I continued to feel quite a bit of discomfort every day. What strikes me as funny is that at the time I could not figure out why I wasn’t feeling better. I became so frustrated that I eventually gave up. I came to the depressing conclusion that I would probably have to live with this for the rest of my life.

I went to internists, dermatologists, OB/Gyns…not one of them had a clue what was going on. Every time I went, hoping that someone would have an answer and every time I returned more downtrodden than the time before.

Anyway, Debbie, I don’t need to tell you again how much my situation has improved since I began seeing you. I now know what I need to eat (and not eat!) to keep my body healthy. I look back on what I was eating a year ago and can immediately see what was giving me trouble. My symptoms have been reduced to almost nothing and, when I do have a flare-up (which is minor in comparison to what they used to be), I have a good idea why. I’m just amazed at how much my life has changed. For over 3 years, I went to so many doctors trying to find a solution to this problem. You helped me in 3 months. Thank you so much, Debbie!

– Kris C.

When I first began sessions with Debbie my goal was detoxification. I had just returned to the United States after a year of living in one of the largest and most polluted cities in the world. With Debbie’s guidance, I began to feel my body healing itself, with this came a deeper sense of relaxation. Towards the end of our three-month consultation, my husband and I became pregnant.

A year passed during which I went through an uncomplicated, healthy pregnancy and gave birth to our daughter, Ella. Soon after Ella’s birth I began to see Debbie again with a different set of concerns. This time I wanted to find out what I could with my diet to make Ella thrive. How could I make sure that the breast milk received by her was as nutritious as it could be? How could I boost her immunity through breast milk and solid food? How could I ensure that my supply kept up with her appetite? Debbie helped to answer these questions and more.

Today both Ella and I have Debbie to thank for bringing us through transition periods and into the whole foods diet we now both enjoy—we are grateful.

– Gina H.

I had been frustrated with lack of energy for several years. That only got worse during my pregnancy and I imagined would keep getting worse once I was caring for a newborn. I knew eating better could help change that, but was overwhelmed by getting into a whole new way of eating and cooking with a baby on the way.

Debbie’s advice was about balance, and she made changes seem un-intimidating. Each session we discussed a few steps toward new eating and cooking patterns for me and my whole family. I learned why my body lacked energy, then how whole food nutrition improves energy, as well as its role in healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. I took away basic knowledge about food that will last a lifetime, practical tips for keeping good foods accessible, pages of recipes, experience from cooking class, willingness to experiment, and enthusiasm to have fun with it. I am also happy to be giving my child the gift of starting life with good nutrition.

– Anna S.

After reading your last newsletter, something clicked. I am 54, and have been having hot flash symptoms for 8 years—or at least what I thought were hot flashes.

Generally I eat a healthy diet. But recently I’ve been under a lot of stress and have been working late at home. Late at night when everyone else was asleep, I’d have a stressful stack of potato chips. Later sweat was running off me, and I would wake up during the night. I never thought that this might be a reaction to MSG until I read your August article.

During the last few months, I’ve been careful to avoid MSG. I have not experienced the hot flashes that were so common. Because of this, I’m really trying to eliminate many of the chemicals and prepared foods from my diet. Thank you so much for helping me make this connection.

– Anne H.


Thanks for a great class. It has prompted me to re-introduce some vegetables that I love but had drifted out of my cooking repertoire. I have a long history of intelligent, thoughtful and healthful cooking practices that have been dormant in the past few years (since my two boys became adults and moved out). Your class was a step toward inspiring me to continue to work toward this goal and I thank you for being such an informed, enthusiastic teacher.

– Robin S.

I just wanted to let you know that I made a batch of your Gluten Free chocolate chip cookies for a group of 15 people or so on Christmas Day, and they were a hit! Everyone loved them. They couldn’t believe they were Gluten free and Dairy free. Our entire meal was actually gluten free because some people were intolerant to wheat and dairy. They especially loved the cookies! Thanks again for the workshop.

– Debbie L.

I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed the class on Saturday. It was very informative and it has given me hope that I can bake without wheat flour! It was also great to meet other people with a restricted diet and get their feedback. You did a great job and seem to have a real passion for your cooking and baking.

– Deb D.

I began working with Debbie to get some ideas for quick, low fat, gluten-free meals. This led me to work with Debbie to create and change recipes to accommodate my family’s health needs. Debbie offers a bread diversity of information that she delivers at a pace that works for each person. You choose where to begin and she will continue your education for as long as you desire. I began by adding more greens and grains to our diet. I was able to try wonderful recipes at home and in her cooking classes that she offers with her monthly package, as well as the store tours to learn about new foods used in her recipes. Debbie is the best thing since sliced bread—Ezekiel bread, of course!

– Katie E.

Debbie’s nutritional and cooking classes have given me an opportunity to learn about everything from what I should eat and why to dozens of recipes for great food. As a coking novice, I had a fun time experimenting with her recipes that are easy to prepare and serve. She spends a tremendous amount of effort in incorporating creative techniques to make healthy eating taste great! I would recommend her class to anyone who wants to improve their health or simply to learn recipes for great food.

– Andrew T.

Debbie, I cannot thank you enough for what an amazing learning experience I had with you last year. I have always wanted to learn how to cook delicious and healthy stuff, but was intimidated by the exotic sounding vegetables. Since our private cooking classes, my life has changed. Not only have I learned that cooking delicious meals is easy, I have gained more knowledge about overall well being.

Debbie’s recipes are simple. It doesn’t take long to make and it’s universally delicious for all! And when you start eating whole foods as part of your daily diet, you will start to appreciate the real taste of veggies and how foods really taste. That’s how it should be!

I am dating right now and this guy thinks I am an amazing cook! Like I can do a magic trick or something! Well, since your private instruction, I can now pull a bird out of a hat! Anyway, I am so happy to have a chance to thank you for changing my life.

– Margaux M.

Once my kids had grown up and had their own jobs, but not quite left the house, I decided that my cooking days were over. Actually, I was in a food rut. My daughter would stop and have fast food on her way home from work, knowing that mom didn’t cook dinner anymore.

After having some health problems, I decided that I needed to make changes in my life. I started seeing Debbie and was inspired to cook again and make good, healthy food. I started to enjoy cooking again. After about a week of my new cooking, my daughter called and asked “Are you making dinner tonight?” My family had started loving the food I was cooking!! And the best part about it is we are all eating healthy. Now I look forward to making dinner again, and they look forward to eating it!

– Connie H.


All my life I’ve struggled with hereditary high cholesterol, and as a child and young adult, my total cholesterol has been as high as 375. I’m not your ‘typical’ high cholesterol person: I’m thin, eat healthy, exercise all the time. It’s just something my body produces and my dad is the same way.

At age 25, I went on a statin drug (Lipitor 40mg/day) which kept my total cholesterol around the 215-250 range. At age 33, my doctor conducted a C-reactive protein (CRP) and VAP test (specialized cholesterol test) that indicated I was at a high risk for heart disease and urged me to increase my Lipitor dose to 80 mg/day. I tried that for a while, but my cholesterol levels didn’t improve much.

I decided to take the ‘alternative’ approach and based on a friend’s recommendation, went to see Debbie at Whole Nourishment. She changed my diet to increase my daily intake of veggies and whole grains, reduce refined and total daily servings of all carbs and eliminate wheat/gluten and put me on five supplements. I gave this program 5 months and re-tested my cholesterol.

I couldn’t believe the results! My LDLs went down 21 points (from 127 to 106), my HDLs (good cholesterol) went up 10 points—which was already astoundingly good, now even better! (from 69 to 79), and my total cholesterol is now 198 and Triglycerides 51.

My CRP and VAP tests showed no more signs of increased heart disease risk!! This means that inflammation is down and my cholesterol composition has changed for the better. These results are truly amazing and I am going to get my dad on this program ASAP. My goal is to ultimately get off Lipitor (I still take 40 mg/day), and I think this is possible given how my body is responding to Debbie’s program so far. Debbie is a miracle-worker and if you are serious about improving your health – whatever your goals are – be diligent and follow her program.

So since I’ve been seeing Debbie – I have lost 5-7 pounds, reduced my need for thyroid meds and lowered my bad cholesterol and increased my good.

– Debbie S.

When the doctor informed me in December that I was pre-diabetic, I wasn’t surprised. Diabetes runs in my family and my eating habits were out of control.

After three months, I’ve lowered both my bad cholesterol and blood sugar. I have totally changed my eating habits – I’m eating more leafy greens, more grains, and making better food choices. I now enjoy food shopping and have discovered a new world of eating. Healthy can taste really good!

– Becki W.

I am enjoying my newfound energy, my settled digestive system, even moods (higher spirits). I have noticed, very strongly, that my blood sugar has seemed to have evened out—I don’t “crash” anymore and I am actually human and able to interact with other humans far before noon, which is a huge change for me!

– Pam E.

For the last few years I’ve been compulsively eating sugar products: chocolate, cookies, chocolate, danishes, chocolate, junk food candy, chocolate etc! I’ve been working to try and control how much I eat. It was so difficult and so hard. I’d do well for a while, then see a pastry and want it, and that was usually the end of it. All this time I’d hear about the physical effects of sugar and it would go in one ear and out the other. I just didn’t believe it because I never felt any different.

Then Debbie, Goddess of the Healthy Meal, recommended that I try an experiment. She said that research indicates that when a food item is like an addiction, it takes two to three weeks to cycle it out of your system. I decided to try it. I was amazed; everything I’d ever heard about sugar was true. All of a sudden, I had control of my cravings. I would still see a chocolate bar and want it, but it lacked power. I could say no. The majority of the compulsion was gone. I also recognize the physical craving in my body. If I have a little too much fruit at breakfast and I crave sugar later, I know what that feels like, now. I can say “Just wait, it’ll go away.”

– Sarah L.


Debbie is the perfect combination of knowledge and compassion. I originally went to Debbie in desperate need in trying to maintain a well balanced and healthy diet for my son. He has many food allergies and sensitivities that once caused him to feel sick and I felt limited. After working with Debbie I am now managing well balanced meals and most importantly my son’s physical symptoms are gone. I would highly recommend Debbie. She is inspiring and motivates healthy balanced living!

– R.G.

Before I met Debbie, my relationship with food was purely based in restriction and control. I was finding myself battling with every food decision: “ only 2 of those, only half your serving, no chocolate.” Constant restriction and control had created a relationship with food that was time-consuming, anxiety provoking, and creating stress in my social life.

I needed somebody to help me create a healthier relationship with food. Debbie believed that the best thing for me to do was actually to try to control less of my decisions about food and really listen to my body and trust was it was asking for. After restricting for so long I was afraid to trust what my body would ask for.

Yes, in the beginning, there were moments of too many cookies or maybe a splurge of chocolate but Debbie gave me support and helped me to understand that those cravings and splurges were all a part of creating a healthy relationship with food.

Through hard work and trusting my body, my cravings started to make sense and were in a natural balance. I could trust my body, it wasn’t craving a bowl of ice cream every night and I wouldn’t eat the whole carton if I just need one bite.

Debbie’s wonderful insight that trying to control my diet less would actually create a healthier diet is an inspiration to me. I now believe that we can really heal our bodies naturally if we listen to them. You don’t have to constantly restrict yourself to have a healthy diet. With many thanks to Debbie, not only has my relationship with food changed but it has healed my mental and social health as well.

– Margaret C.

Just a note to thank you for yesterday’s session. I left your office and sang the whole way home about everything that I know is true about life, about me, and how I can do everything I need to do. Eating has been really easy today, I cooked a really great lunch and have generally just felt so good about food today in relation to me, It feels easy to just eat when I’m hungry and to be nice to myself about what I eat. I think I got some other basic needs met, so this one could let go a little…so thank you Debbie. You mean so much to me. Honestly, our sessions together have helped me more than so many other healing things I’ve done…you’re a star!

– Abby W.

I’m trying things that I always wanted to try but was too intimidated or clueless. I’m learning to cook intuitively instead of being bound by a recipe. I’ve gained much-needed excitement & adventure in my food. I’ve become more self-reliant in providing myself with healthful food, the most basic of necessities. I’m economically healthier by actually using the once-forgotten appliances/utensils in my kitchen and not buying as many meals out. I feel more in touch with my food and therefore myself. As if all that wasn’t enough, I’m protecting my health too!

– Kris C.

I’m so glad we talked about my overeating out of a place of frenzy and “insufficiency.” Since our session yesterday, I have already made a marked change in my behavior. I am eating much more slowly and mindfully and actually feeeeeeeeeeeeling whether I have had “enough” instead of just unconsciously robotically “shoveling” far toooo much food into my mouth because I “love to eat.”

In doing this, and also drinking tea sloooowly, I find that I’m satiated with far less food at each meal. I also think that IF I can incorporate far more frequent water drinking throughout the day, this will also serve to keep me feeling satiated. I believe IF I can keep up this Conscious eating, I will easily lose the 5 pounds of unwanted weight around my stomach and break this cycle of unconsciously overeating.

– Karen L.

I began learning from Debbie, the teacher, much about food and its effect on my health and well being. As our work together nears its natural end, I realize I have also found Debbie, the friend, who understands my unique needs and inspires me to make healthy choices.

After working with her for 8 months, I enjoy both increased mental clarity and energy. I have learned how to properly choose foods and prepare them in ways to balance and heal my body and mind. Debbie listens to my specific concerns and goals and individualizes a plan that is “just right for me.”

Debbie’s “whole nourishment” program provides just that – nourishing me in body, mind, and spirit. And for that, I am wholly grateful.

– Alice A.

I approached Debbie in hopes of developing a food plan that would ensure nutritional balance in my diet. I hoped to also address personal problems I had at the time with fatigue, anxiety, and mild depression. I couldn’t be happier with how my 3 months with Debbie unfolded!

Her knowledge of whole foods is very impressive, as she understands the impact that certain foods have on the mind and body. With this knowledge, she was able to create a food plan for me that was nutritionally balanced and addressed my additional concerns.

The silver lining in my relationship with Debbie has been her ability to help me to maximize my potential in achieving a fulfilling, balanced, and happy life. Beyond her knowledge of foods, I was impressed with her insight into life itself.

Anyone who knows Debbie knows that she loves what she does. Because of that, she is great at it and is a pleasure to work with. Her genuine interest in my personal growth was obvious from our first conversation and continues to this day.

– Joshua D.

Before my sessions with Debbie, I never paid much attention to the idea of organic foods. I also never ventured much into health food stores. Debbie’s comprehensive guide through the health food store, coupled with the information she’s given me about the advantages of organic foods, have made me much more conscious of what products I buy and consume. Through the cooking classes, I’ve discovered that cooking can be fun, where many recipes are quite simple, yet great tasting.

I think that an invaluable lesson that I’ve gained from my consultations with Debbie is that I should always listen to my body and not ignore its needs. She’s also reinforced to me the importance of your surrounding environment in your health and well being. I now incorporate some of her suggestions to unwind after a long day.

On several occasions I’ve left work feeling drained. Yet after a session with Debbie, my energy and spirits have been lifted. Her consultations have definitely had a positive and continuing impact on my life.

– Madeline C.


I am 100% over my first cold of the season, which is amazing since it didn’t turn into bronchitis as it has with every other cold over the last three years! Combine that with the fact that in the last three years I have gotten an average of 5 cases of bronchitis per year, we are on a serious roll. I do LOVE this new way of eating!

– Cyndi W.

Everyone around me, is, was, or is in the process of getting sick. I just spent the whole weekend around a bunch of pre-schoolers (with booger noses, and coughing) and I am STILL NOT SICK! This is the first time in my life that I can remember going through a winter without a single cold. I just cannot believe it. You are REALLY good at what you do.

– Jules P.

Everyone around me, is, was, or is in the process of getting sick. I just spent the whole weekend around a bunch of pre-schoolers (with booger noses, and coughing) and I am STILL NOT SICK! This is the first time in my life that I can remember going through a winter without a single cold. I just cannot believe it. You are REALLY good at what you do.

Debbie and I have worked together to gradually incorporate a variety of new, healthy foods into my diet. I began to try foods that I never even heard of before. I didn’t realize that food could leave me feeling so refreshed and energized.

– Molly S.


Early last summer, I decided it was time for a change. Time to get my life back – time to get myself healthy and in shape for good. Conveniently, right at that time, I got an email from Lakeshore saying they were offering a new weight loss program consisting of six weeks with a personal trainer, and three sessions with a nutritionist. What luck, I thought, just what I was looking for!

As it turns out, going to the nutritionist was nothing like I expected it to be. I totally expected to sit down and have someone say, okay, this is your goal, and this is what you have to stop eating (pizza, French fries, hamburgers), and this is what you have to start eating (rice cakes, cottage cheese, lettuce), so do it now. I expected to be put on some sort of “diet,” perhaps low fat or low carb, as those seem to be ever-present in our society. Well, that nutritionist I went to see turned out to be Debbie, and boy, did she surprise me.

Debbie’s approach to nutrition turned out to be all about education based on nourishment and getting what the body needs, while getting rid of what it doesn’t need and particularly what does it harm.

In those three little sessions, I was so completely impressed with Debbie that I knew I couldn’t stop now. I even got my husband to sign up for couples sessions with me. Together, Debbie, Matt, and I talked through how to tackle some of the challenges in our lives: kidney stones, canker sores, picky taste buds…While she is incredibly knowledgeable, Debbie has never pretended to have all the answers. She did, however, promise to do everything she could to find us some answers. And during each of our sessions, she remained completely respectful and helpful, never once making us feel silly for the questions we asked or the needs we had.

To date, I have lost 31 lbs. Yes, weight loss was my original goal, and I’m incredibly pleased at my progress, but for me, it’s more than that now. I’ve become much more educated and aware. I now think very carefully about the way I treat my body. I make sure that what I eat is going to provide me with nourishment. I keep tabs on how I feel and what foods led me to feel that way. I’m making connections to my body that I didn’t even know were possible! And at the risk of sounding cliché, my life has changed for the better. There’s no going back now, only going forward, full speed ahead!

– Dani & Matt B.

A few years ago, my husband and I decided that it was time to prioritize our health. We’d both gained weight and my husband’s doctor wanted to put him on cholesterol medication. He was very opposed to using statins to control what was in his power to change through diet and exercise. After attempting several times to improve our diet ourselves, we realized that we needed some help.

Not only did Debbie provide great information and challenged us to eat things that we weren’t accustomed to, she gave us great, easy-to-follow recipes.

We were so surprised at the delicious food that we could prepare; it was as if our taste buds came alive for the first time. The meals were so flavorful and it was awesome to know that what we were putting into our bodies was making us healthier from the inside out. We were finally getting on the right track and we met one of our original goals; no need for statins! Within the first 3 months, Michael’s cholesterol went from LDL 164, HDL 60 (Total Chol 233) to LDL 137, HDL 63 (Total Chol 216).

This is not to say that practicing what we learned from Debbie is always easy. We fall back into our deep grooves of “comfort” food routinely, but now we recognize when it’s happening and know that a better way of eating exists. Debbie’s recipes are always at the ready to help us get back to eating real food.

– Lisa & Michael V.

My wife and I have been enjoying the benefits of Debbie’s nutritional advice for several months and noticed improvements with our energy and reaching our weight loss goals.

My father-in-law, Walt, had been experiencing a severe cough and excess mucus for over three years. While completing a cleanse with Debbie, we shared the information with Walt and encouraged him to eliminate red meat, dairy, sugar and alcohol from his diet for a few weeks.

To our amazement, and Walt’s relief, after just a few weeks his cough had subsided. This is truly incredible as he had been to several specialists who gave him inhalers (blaming asthma), and antibiotics (blaming a lung infection); they even tested him for lung cancer! This just goes to show, that you are what you eat and diet can often do more for you than any specialist of modern medicine!

– Dave & Cyndi W.


When I first learned about the Whole Nourishment Long Distance Program I was apprehensive to set up a consultation. I live in New York and felt uncertain that I could actually benefit from a phone conversation in Colorado about my health. I contacted Debbie with my concerns and by the end of the conversation I had a clear understanding of the program that allowed me to move forward with the counseling. I was impressed with the depth of the questions asked on the health history form that all clients are required to complete. It can be scary to actually look at your daily life on paper and realize…. I’m not doing good things for my body! I soon realized that this was the first step towards better health and a better life.

I was seeking nutritional counseling as a vegan who had recently been diagnosed with a wheat allergy. I felt so limited in food choices and was focusing on how many things I couldn’t eat. Debbie opened up so many possibilities for me.

Before each consultation I fill out a progress form and send it via email to Debbie. The progress reports served two purposes. Debbie is able to monitor my progress and they require me to record how I felt session to session. I was able to pay close attention to how my body reacted to certain foods and make connections with how I was feeling. Together, Debbie and I would set reasonable goals help me stay committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

– Erika M., New York

I have to say that I was more than hesitant to participate in the Long Distance Whole Nourishment Program. I thought that seeing someone face to face would be more beneficial. With hesitation I gave it a shot…and now I don’t know where I would be without Debbie.

It is almost easier to talk over the phone. The majority of the time I am in my PJ’s and one could not wear PJ’s to an appointment! Also, discussing certain health issues make it easier when it is not face-to-face, as there is less embarrassment, allowing me to tell Debbie every detail.

Debbie takes notes during our sessions and promptly mails or emails them to me with recipes. I never feel at though I am losing out by not being in Debbie’s office. I feel much more calm picking up the phone than having to run to an appointment. Debbie has really helped me change my eating habits and in turn has drastically improved my health.

– Stacey G., Arizona

I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated all your positive support these last three months. I was a little skeptical at first that a long distance nutritional consultant could really help me to lose weight and to eat and cook healthily. Thankfully, I was completely wrong. By sending me a sheet to fill out before our hour-long phone meetings, you helped me to focus on the positives and negatives of my week and to decide what I wanted to accomplish next.

I am happy about my 17-pound weight loss, but I am even more excited about the recipes and the new foods I have tried because of you. I now have containers that are stacked two deep, three high and four across, taking up three shelves in my cabinets. Every one has something different in it. I definitely have changed my life for the better; I have lots of energy and am never hungry. Thank you for your support and help in creating a new me.

– Debbie D., Arkansas

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