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Educational Consultations

Dr. Roy offers virtual educational consultation appointments to help parents outside the state of Colorado address questions they may have regarding their child’s health and development.

If you reside in Colorado, please consider establishing care in our medical practice.

Educational consultations may include…

  • Insights into your child’s new or perplexing diagnosis
  • Evaluation of complex or chronic concerns such as abdominal pain, anxiety, eczema, or allergies
  • Optimizing your child’s immunity
  • Education about supplements
  • Reviewing treatment plans and medical options from your child’s primary care provider
  • Second opinion and ongoing educational support
  • Interpreting recent lab results
  • Vaccine education
  • Guidance for sleep challenges
  • Evaluation of developmental concerns
  • Support for parenting and behavioral issues
Distance Ed Consult
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Educational consultations do not…

  • Establish a doctor-patient relationship
  • Serve as a substitute for in-person care with a licensed physician in your state
  • Provide diagnoses or treatments for any condition
  • Involve the prescribing of medication, ordering of diagnostic laboratory testing, or writing of medical letters

While Dr. Roy is a licensed medical doctor in the state of Colorado, he is unable to provide diagnoses or make treatment recommendations for your child without an initial in-person consultation.

Therefore, all clients who engage in educational consultations are required to collaborate with their local primary care provider, who should be recognized as the primary resource for their child’s healthcare needs.

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