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“It’s hard to overstate the role that Dr. Roy has played in fostering the health and wellbeing of our family.” – Katie S.

Hi Dr. Roy,

Zev turns ONE today!! As I reflect on the last year, I wanted to say a very heartfelt ‘thank you’ for all of the support and encouragement you have provided to our family over the last 12 months (and beyond). This has been an incredible year full of high highs and big challenges, but Zev continues to amaze all of us with his strength and resilience as a joyful, sweet little baby.

Thank you for being a wonderful part of our community, for loving us well as a family unit, and for caring for the twins in a way that is truly unique to your practice and to who you are as people. We are eternally grateful that we are your patients, and so look forward to Zev joining the Mindful family officially in the future.

We love you guys!

– Steph, Ben, Axel, Elliott, and Zev

It’s hard to overstate the role that Dr. Roy and Mindful Pediatrics has played in fostering the health and wellbeing of our family. We met Dr. Roy five years ago when our first son was an infant. As an anxious first-time mom I was so relieved to find a pediatrician who took the time to really listen to my concerns and who is cautious, but not reactionary. Dr. Roy put together a plan to resolve the specific health issues that brought us to his office—and he went further. He took the time to really see us. As a family. He helped us understand that achieving optimal health for our son required that we, as parents, build a solid foundation of healthy habits for ourselves.

Since that first meeting our family has grown with the addition of two more sons. With each new baby we have had challenges that Dr. Roy has seen us through. His practice is structured so that we are able to get the help we need without feeling rushed and without waiting weeks for an appointment.

Dr. Roy has all the credentials you want in a physician – great education, intelligence, calm demeanor, humility, and deep experience – but we kind of take all those things for granted. Our great respect for him as doctor is rooted in results. Our family is healthier because of him. A common question from our boys is “Can we just ask Dr. Roy about that?” The good news is that we can. And Dr. Roy will have research, science, and experience to back up his opinion. He has the rare combination of technical skills and sincere commitment to patients and their families. We are so grateful to have Mindful Pediatrics on our team as our boys grow up.

– Katie Schwalb

After our initial meeting with Dr. Roy, choosing to work with him was an easy decision. We appreciated his background and philosophy and trusted him immediately with the care of our first child. With eyes wide, we navigated the journey of becoming new parents, and with Dr. Roy’s constant reassurance and availability, the path was more comfortable. Dr. Roy considered our entire family and each of our individual needs. He expressed a genuine care for my husband and me, and we valued how he checked in with us to make sure WE were okay during the intensity of parenting. What a gift to be able to have a length of time in his office that allowed us each to have a voice. Dr. Roy and his staff have always been reachable, even at odd hours, for advice or direction, and this is an enormous benefit of working with their practice. As we’ve moved into being a family of four, we are grateful to have such mindful and present healthcare we can count on.

– Keri Shee

After several months of very unsatisfying care at one of the larger local pediatric practices, we found Dr. Roy – an experience that was transformative for our family. As an infant, my oldest child was highly sensitive to light and sound, and waiting for an hour or more, as we routinely had to do at his old pediatrician’s office, was nothing short of a nightmare, leaving me in a cold sweat and my baby quite distressed. Perhaps if that first pediatrician had truly known my child and family, we could have endured the waiting somehow, but we felt a little lost in the shuffle of our doctor’s large practice.

And then we went for a consultation with Dr. Roy. He took the time to get to know our family, asking us questions about ourselves and our child, and responding with tremendous insight and thoughtfulness to ours. At Dr. Roy’s office, waiting for an appointment is unusual, and for us has never exceeded 10 minutes (giving my children a chance to gaze at his fish!). He knows my children — not only their medical history, but their quirks and fears. He speaks with them (not at them or merely to me) with respect and genuine curiosity. And his availability is unparalleled — one of only many examples was the time he answered our phone call while on the playground with his own kids (though we try not to abuse his accessibility!).

We had been a bit skeptical, at the outset, about paying up front and seeking reimbursement from our insurance company, but because Gretchen whips up a handy superbill, the task is not onerous for us and we have not had trouble being reimbursed. In sum, we couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality of medical care and personal attention we are so fortunate to enjoy at Mindful Pediatrics. A deep bow, Dr. Roy.

– E.J.

Dr. Roy, I’ve been meaning for a while now to write you and thank you for all you do. Finding your practice has completely changed our doctor experience for myself and for our children. I¹m sure you hear this often, (my hope is that you do), your passion and skill for your craft are unbelievable and are a gift to the community you share it with. Your guidance to better health – and not just maintenance of symptoms- is something we were long searching for. I am continually amazed and impressed by what you offer and feel so lucky to have found you. With the deepest gratitude, Thank You.

– Kerry Merkel (Darby & Hewitt’s mom)

Dr. Roy, Don’t worry, I won’t write a letter after every appointment, but I wanted to write today and thank you since it was our first appointment. Lila hadn’t been to another Pediatrician because we just couldn’t find what we wanted: a Doctor who’d take time to understand our child and our family’s needs, a comfortable atmosphere (where you don’t worry your child will get sick just by going for a check-up), and solid guidance while still respecting our parental wishes. I knew when we read your brochure that your practice was something we wanted to be part of and upon meeting you and having our appointment I know that you are the kind of doctor most people can only dream of for their child. We are stoked, to say the least.

I could compare our first appointment today to my appointments with our midwife when I was pregnant – comfortable, enough time to discuss what was needed, and being able to leave with a more positive attitude that we are not alone in situations that may arise. Thank you so much for meditating on what kind of practice you wanted to have and then making it happen!! I don’t know how much more room you have in your practice, but I am telling our family and friends about your Mindful Pediatrics!

– CP

Being a nurse, not practicing at this time, and now a Grandmother has been somewhat of a challenge. My children are older and raising them was a little different than raising children today. I often remind myself that I am of a different generation.

When K came home from the hospital one of the first things my son and daughter in law said was that Dr. Roy talked to them about good hand washing. If anyone wished to hold K they had to wash their hands first. I immediately knew they had made and excellent choice of Pediatricians. There have been times when I wonder about some of their choices regarding K’s care. Vaccinations have been difficult but I do realize times have changed and new information has arisen. They do research and discuss issues with you, that works well for me.

I want you to know that I think you are wonderful. K is my world now and I feel with your continued guidance she will grow and develop. I have learned to listen and only offer my thoughts and feelings regarding her care if I think it is something I firmly believe in or something I feel has to do with the safety of my Granddaughter. I am able to do this because I ask them to discuss with Dr. Roy. This is what I did last year regarding the flu vaccine. They discussed it with you and I was ready to go with whatever you suggested. You suggested the vaccine and they all had it. I must admit I was so happy about that decision. I never feel I have all the answers, I just feel I have common sense.

Dr. Roy, thank you for the excellent work you do. Thank you for taking the time to look at the entire picture, to know that not all are alike and that each and every child, parent, grandparent is an individual, each needing what is right for them. Hopefully someday I will have the opportunity to meet you. I do have your number, address near at all times in case your advice, services are needed as I care for K.

– RS

Dr. Roy, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the time that you took with my children today. I don’t think that they have ever actually liked a Dr.’s visit, but they both said that “you weren’t at all like the others”. Kudos to you for making them feel comfortable & for being able to see medicine from another standpoint. I look forward to a long relationship. In good health,

– BS

We had the privilege of working with Dr. Roy for a year and a half when he worked in Denver. My son has a chronic medical condition (hydrocephalus) which I believe would not have been diagnosed as quickly had Dr. Roy not been the Pediatrician involved in his care. The day my son had his well check and Dr. Roy noticed something amiss, he allowed us to stay in the office the entire morning while he contacted specialists, arranged for appropriate follow-up appointments and answered our questions. He was clearly concerned about my son’s medical status, as well as our emotional well-being as parents.

He is an unusual medical practitioner in that he values time spent with patients and families (rather than trying to rush through to get to the next appointment), he is very open-minded about alternatives to traditional medicine, and he values parental input and the doctor-parent relationship. He is an excellent physician and a good-hearted person, and he incorporates those qualities into his medical practice, an extremely rare combination for most practitioners in the medical community.

– SC

One night my 15 month year old son had this insane fluctuating fever that ultimately got a little over 103.4. My husband and I were beside ourselves, first because our oldest son never had fevers at this age, secondly, the fever came on like within an hour. It was somewhere around 8pm that night when I called Dr. Roy. I remembered at the time I called that he was out of town on a retreat. I called him, got his answer machine, and left a message. Not but 10min. went by and he called back. I told him what happened, and even though on the other end I could hear that he was at a party or gathering, he took the time to talk to me and answer all my questions. He did not rush the conversation, and he made sure before I got off the phone that I felt comfortable with how to proceed. Now, some might say that this is his job, and yes to some point I would agree, but I have not found one doctor out there yet that is so one-on-one. My son ended up ok, we learned that he simply handles teething with high fevers for a couple of days.

So all and all, if anyone can find a Doctor who is on call 24/7 physically and emotionally, stick with them! It is such a benefit for you and your children.

– AO

I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Roy’s practice last week. He really is approaching pediatric care differently. Talking to him, it is clear that he is a dedicated pediatrician and puts his med school training and experience to good use. What makes him different is that he’s not in a rush and really wants to be thorough with parents and children to address health from a holistic perspective. He’s got my respect.

– JS

I just wanted to thank you for helping us through these first months with Maeve. We always leave your office feeling so much better. You are a blessing to all the babies and their worried parents.

– Angie

We saw 3 pediatricians in 2.5 years before finding Dr. Roy Steinbock. The other docs overlooked my sons NUMEROUS sensitivities and allergies and Dr. Roy found them after the first visit and subsequent blood tests. He does not take insurance, but we haven’t found any other doc that does take insurance and meets our needs (Western doc with an Eastern mindset). My sons are so much healthier since visiting with Dr. Roy for the last 2.5 years (they are 5 now). He’s flippin’ awesome.

– Kendra Bennet

I just wanted to express to you how much I really appreciate what you do for families. I was thrilled to hear about the kind of testing you are doing for our common client. I feel so strongly that she deserves to better understand her own body. I’m wondering if breastfeeding was the canary in the coal mine for her and hope she finds out more about what’s going on with her health as her health goes so far beyond breastfeeding. I am so grateful for you that you are taking such good care of her. Yea you!

– Diane S Michel, MSPH, IBCLC, RLC
Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Nourish Lactation

Our family has had a relationship with Dr. Roy and Mindful Pediatrics since summer of 2009. I was blessed to attend a vaccination talk by Dr. Roy and was so moved by his intuitive knowledge and gentle way of communicating that I knew we would love his practice. When we began seeing him my oldest daughter was constantly having a runny nose, was very irritable, had very dry skin, picked up every bug under the sun and once in a while would come down with a cough that would lead to pneumonia. There was one winter where she coughed all winter long.

After a very short time visiting Mindful Pediatrics we had her allergy tested and with Dr. Roy’s help we quickly determined that she had a gluten allergy that subsequently had caused many other allergies. Now, two years later, she has been clear, cough free and strong almost the entire winter. We have changed our family’s lifestyle, diet, and way of thinking about food. I know she is on a road to complete freedom from these allergies and will live a gluten free, healthy life from here on out.

Dr. Roy has a steady, intuitive and caring way of relating to his patients. He has been such an amazing sounding board and advisor to me. He is also an incredible cheerleader if ever I get discouraged. My girls love his office. Going there is truly like being with family…it is such a blessing. Once you step foot in his office and experience his level of commitment, intuition and care, you will realize it’s worth every penny and you will feel like you are home. After all, that kind of care for your children’s well-being is truly priceless!

– Jennifer Towle

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