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We’ve got answers! Please read our frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to us. We are happy to help!

What makes The Mindful Reset Program different from other cleanses?

The Mindful Reset is a 14-day program designed to guide you towards your greatest health. We take a whole-body approach—enabling you to see and feel results quickly, while also creating a lasting transformation.

Many participants have told us that the Mindful Reset Program helped them to re-establish a healthy relationship with addictive foods (such as caffeine, sugar, & alcohol) and develop a more mindful way of eating that honors their body and their needs more fully. For many, our program enabled them to make changes that they carried forward, well beyond their participation in the program. Please read some success stories from our former participants.

What if I can't do the program for 14 days because it feels too hard?

Everyone is coming into this from a different place. If it is your first time doing a program like this and you make it 5 or 10 days, that’s fantastic! It’s better to do some than none!

Will I be too tired to keep up with work or my family?

No! We have created a flexible plan for “real-life” people who are working, parenting, exercising, and living their regular life. This is NOT a fad diet, fast, or deprivation program in any way. Our goal is to nourish you, educate you, and assist you in feeling your best! 

What if I want to make the dietary changes but do not want to avoid caffeine or alcohol?

Once again, everyone is coming into this program from a different place. If making dietary changes feels big enough, then that is a great start! Many people have these same fears but are often able to execute the program fully, given all the guidance, support, recipes, and alternatives that we provide.

What if I don't cook?

You don’t need to be a good cook to succeed with this program! You will need to spend some time on food shopping and/or food preparation. This can be done very simply and still be very successful. You will be offered a lot of guidance and support throughout your program.

What if I already eat a balanced diet with no processed foods, sugar, caffeine, or alcohol?

Go you! For participants who routinely eat an unprocessed whole foods diet without any sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, there are optional stricter guidelines to allow for a “deeper” cleanse.

Additionally, the lifestyle portion of the program assists you further in rejuvenation by guiding you through daily healing practices. These practices are specifically chosen to optimize every major organ system. They will help you to detoxify more efficiently and to heal more quickly and deeply.

I will be traveling in the middle of the program. I think I’d be able to keep up with the food part. I don’t know what the lifestyle portion will entail. Would it be too challenging to try to do while away from home?

You will have flexibility! If you can’t do some of the lifestyle practices that fall on your travel days, you can simply pick back up with them when you get home or extend your program by a few more days on the back end.

You will receive all the details for the 14-days before you program begins, so you will know what will fall on your travel days and can decide.

I participated in your Eating Clean and/or the Spring into Spring Cleanse. How different will this program be?

Although there will be certain elements from those cleanses discussed in this program, The Mindful Reset is a totally unique program!

I participated in the Mindful Reset in January 2020 or 2019. How different will the 2021 program be?

You can think of repeating the Reset like re-reading a book. You will undoubtedly get something from it the second time around that you did not get the first time. For example, the first time you may have really emphasized the dietary portion, whereas subsequent times you may be able to focus more on the mindfulness or lifestyle practices presented.

Additionally, we always have a few new goodies up our sleeves! For example in 2020, all the Daily Teas were updated. Additionally, the Recipe Guide was completely revamped to include more than 50 brand new recipes! In 2021 we will be offering Reset participants Kaiut Yoga classes (5 classes per week). We also added an additional webinar: “Coaching Tips to Make New Habits Stick”. These new improvements are all included within the program cost!

We support people who participate in our January program each year with a “Repeat Participant” discount. Please see that question below for more details and email Debbie with any questions.

Can I do the program if I am a vegetarian?

Yes, if you are a vegetarian or vegan you will be able to eat beans, nuts, seeds, and higher protein grains as your protein sources. Eggs are also permitted for those who eat them.

Can I do the program if I have an autoimmune disease?

Please do! Balancing your diet and decreasing caffeine, sugar, alcohol, & processed foods will give your digestive system a rest and your immune system an opportunity to calm down. People with autoimmune disease generally notice a decrease in their symptoms after being on a diet like this, even for a few weeks. Also, many of the lifestyle practices we will be teaching have proven benefits for the immune system.

I am a Type I Diabetic and I am closely monitoring my blood sugars. Will I have to eat specific foods at each meal according to a food plan? Also, occasionally my blood sugars are low and I wonder if this will be affected on the program.

We do not give participants a 2-week meal plan for exactly that reason—we have too many people doing the program who have various conditions, autoimmune disease, or are nursing, pregnant, etc. Each person is totally able to customize the food portion of the program to his/her needs. We offer recipe suggestions for each day for our participants to use as a guide.

In addition, we believe that taking out caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and processed carbs is an ideal Type 1 diet, with plenty of unprocessed and varied whole foods to choose from.

I am nursing, can I participate in the program?

Yes! Adopting an unprocessed whole foods diet is a wonderful diet for both mom and child! The goal of this program is NOT calorie restriction, so as long as you eat adequate amounts of high-quality foods (good fats, ample protein, vegetable starches, and whole grains carbohydrates) you will maintain good milk supply (quality and quantity!). If you have any questions about this, please ask!

We do suggest that you consult with your own practitioner to determine if drinking the Daily Teas is safe and appropriate for you, depending on the age of the child you are nursing. Ingredients for these teas will be provided upon registration. You can discuss this with your practitioner and then decide if you would like to order them.

I am pregnant, can I participate in the program?

Yes! Adopting an unprocessed whole foods diet is a wonderful diet for both mom and developing baby! The goal of this program is NOT calorie restriction, so please eat adequate amounts of high-quality foods (good fats, ample protein, vegetable starches, and whole grains carbohydrates).

There are a few lifestyle recommendations (performing a castor oil pack, going in a sauna) that you would avoid while pregnant. You would also avoid drinking the Daily Teas. If you have any additional questions about this, please ask!

Will I receive individualized support for my health as a program participant?

Participants should not expect to receive individualized support for specific health concerns. Our intention is to teach the dietary and lifestyle content of rejuvenating and to provide general guidance on these concepts. Occasionally the need arises for more individualized support, and program participants are welcome to schedule one-on-one sessions with Debbie or Dr. Roy, as applicable.

Why should I enroll during early enrollment?

There are so many benefits to enrolling early and you can read them all here! In summary, the first is the financial savings you receive. You save on the program cost, the cost of the program supplies – and on anything that you choose to purchase in the month of January through our Fullscript online store!

Participants who enroll early will receive our new bonus guide: Meal Planning: 10 Tips for a Successful Reset

On top of that, enrolling early allows you the time to logistically and mentally prepare, offering a more smooth and stress-free transition onto your program. You also have the time to plan and troubleshoot issues without feeling rushed.

Lastly, the reason that we offer you an early enrollment discount is because it makes registration easier and smoother on our end as well! You help us and we help you!!

Is there a "Repeat Participant" discount?

Yes! If you participated in the Mindful Reset in January 2020 or 2019 you will be emailed a discount code. If you need it again, please email Debbie. Please note that if you enroll 2 participants together, only one “Repeat Participant” discount code can be applied, even if you are both former participants. 

What will my experience be like since this program is webinar-based?

Webinars are simply the way the world is going these days! We anticipate that your experience will be both educational & interactive! The webinar format allows more flexibility for each participant – if you miss a lecture, there will be a replay; if you need to start a day early or late, you can adjust your program accordingly.

The feedback we have received from previous program participants was fantastic! All of them reported feeling “a part of the group” and told us that the webinars were engaging and informative and that the PDFs of the handouts gave them all the materials they needed at their fingertips.

The webinars will be followed by LIVE Q & A time. The Facebook Group connects everybody and can be a valuable tool for all. Please read the success stories from some of our previous participants.

What if I want to register a group larger than two people? I don't see that as an option.

Although we do not have that option on our website currently, YES, you can register any group larger than two people at the “enroll 2-together” discounted pricing. Please call our office at 303.318.4102 and we can personally assist you in registering.

What if I already registered and then a friend/family member decided to do the program as well. Can we get the discounted pricing?

In order to receive the discounted pricing of enrolling as a group of two or more people, you must enroll at the same time. We cannot offer any refunds or price adjustments.

Can I still get Early Registration pricing if I register after December 16th?

Early registration is exactly that: a discount for registering early. We will not honor early registration pricing after December 16th. However, you can still receive discounted pricing by enrolling in a group of two or more.

What if I register and then I change my mind?

Please do not register unless you are committed to embarking on this program. We cannot offer any refunds.

What if I don't have a Facebook account?

We totally understand. We are not social media people ourselves! However, most people are and it is the best way to communicate for this 2-week period. In the past, some participants have set up accounts just for the Program and then deactivated their account. Other participants choose to set up a Facebook profile that they keep active just for things like this. If you set up a Facebook account and choose to not use your real name, please tell us what name you pick. It’s a closed group and we won’t approve anyone whose name we don’t have registered.

And we always have a few without accounts who simply miss the additional information. It is totally each person’s choice, but Facebook participation is highly encouraged so that you have access to all the questions and information from your facilitators and peers.

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