A whole body approach to help you rejeuvenate and rebalance

14 Days

1 Easy-to-Follow Plan


1 Goal

To hit the reset button on your health!

We truly believe that this is the best program we’ve ever offered.

The Mindful Reset is a 14-day program designed to guide you towards your greatest health. We take a whole-body approach—enabling you to see and feel results quickly, while also creating a lasting transformation.

While the Mindful Reset may look like a traditional food-based cleanse from the outside, we promise that it is much more!

Combining Dr. Roy’s background in science and medicine (both Western and natural) with Debbie’s knowledge of nutrition and holistic healing, this program will guide you to create healthy eating patterns and a more balanced life.

Thanks to both of you for guiding us through this program. Everything was so organized and easy to follow. It was a lovely experience for me and my daughter – we both feel great and plan to continue with many of the new practices (both food and behavior) that we started these last two weeks. Thank you for (re)setting us off on the right path!

My goals were to support my daughter and to make some overdue changes in my own diet including reducing caffeine (green tea), sugar, chocolate, and processed foods (crackers!). I was able to achieve all of these goals by adding the cleanse teas and making some of the wonderful recipes offered in the cookbook provided. My daughter and I were able to discuss strategies, recipes, and share information we had learned through the videos, Facebook page, and webinars.

– Jenny S.

My intentions for the Reset were to cleanse my body and get it functioning as well as possible. The Reset worked wonders for me! It exceeded my expectations both in terms of how it was organized and how it made me feel. Even after just a few days of the Reset I already felt better. I felt energized and proud of myself for taking such good care of my body. I am going to continue many of the aspect of the Reset in my daily life. It truly started my year off in the perfect way.

– Eliza S.

Overall, I was very pleased with the Mindful Reset Program! I have done other cleanses in the past, but this one was by far the most informative and easy to follow. From the initial prep, to the recipes, to the informative videos, and the FB support Group, I think Debbie and Roy did an amazing job covering every aspect of the cleanse to easily support participants with various health issues and nutritional backgrounds.

– Debbie L.

I think you two are a great team and I appreciate all the hard work you’ve clearly put into building this program. The overall goal of supporting the parasympathetic nervous system as well as the focus on key organs takes this well beyond a typical New Year’s cleanse.

Very glad the dietary part is sound nutrition and not one of the current fads. Love having a bunch of practices to try. I’m psyched to have the handouts and videos to refer to in the future.

– Sandra S.

I did this cleanse last year and found it intelligent, grounded, and motivating. It also had some surprising material in it that had a lasting impact on me.

This is a great opportunity to have access to some of our best holistic minds in Boulder and chart out a new dietary course for yourself and your family. It’s wonderful to be able to ask them questions and feel the weight of their combined experience and expertise behind their responses.

If you are wanting to cleanse but need a little prod – this is it!

– Elizabeth Marglin

Our primary objective for the Mindful Reset was to eat healthier/be healthier together as we traditionally have very diverse views on what that means and eat very differently (think vegetarian vs paleo). This was definitely achieved as we prepared our meals together and often ate the same things – which rarely (if ever) happened prior to this.

In addition, I was looking to see if taking certain foods out of my diet would benefit me in any noticeable way. Given I’m on day 18, you can say it did!!! Most noticeable to me was no heartburn, fewer carb cravings, and a flatter tummy!

– L.A.

We have combined our years of experience leading successful group cleanses with our decades of one-on-one work with clients into a 14-day program that hits the reset button on your health!
Do you need a reset?

Ideally once or twice a year, we encourage you to do a full-body reset. This means that you remove the major dietary toxins and add in nutritionally-beneficial foods, optimal amounts of pure water, supportive teas, and daily lifestyle practices.

We believe that if you give your body the right conditions, it will begin to naturally heal and re-balance itself.

You may experience results such as:

Weight loss and improved digestion

Better energy and sleep

Reduced stress and anxiety

Decreased pain and inflammation

Empowered relationship with food

Understanding what foods make you feel best

What’s Included with the Program:

Program Prep Webinar:
Available January 2nd – 9th

Week 1 Webinar with live Q&A*:
7:00 pm January 9th

Week 2 Webinar with live Q&A*:
7:00 pm January 16th

*If you miss the scheduled live webinar, you will receive a link to watch the replay

You are encouraged to start your program over the weekend of January 10th and it will run 14-days from when you begin.

7 Bonus Instructional Videos

The Mindful Reset Program Manual Guidebook

14-day Plan and Daily Checklist

Private Facebook Group

75 Delicious, Easy-to-Make, Seasonal Recipes

Specially Selected Reset Supply Kit (optional)

The food portion of the program  includes a variety of nutritionally-beneficial foods, optimal amounts of pure water, and supportive teas. You will enjoy seasonal vegetables, lean animal proteins, beans, gluten-free whole grains, seasonal fruits and some natural low-glycemic sweeteners. Our program includes an abundance of delicious, simple and flavorful recipes.

The lifestyle portion of the program  assists you further in rejuvenation by guiding you through daily healing practices. These practices are specifically chosen to optimize every major organ system. They will help you to detoxify more efficiently and to heal more quickly and deeply.

Today is the day to start your journey towards your greatest health. There is no need to go through life feeling exhausted and depleted when you can feel vibrant and rejuvenated!
Program Cost

Discounted Early Enrollment Pricing before December 15th only

$197 per person, single enrollment
($227 after December 15th)
Plus the (optional) cost of the Reset Supply Kit**

$167 per person, enroll 2 participants together (save $60!)*
($197 per person after December 15th)
PLUS get 10% off the (optional) cost of each Reset Supply Kit**

*The 2 participants must register together (in a single order) to receive the program savings and (optional) discounted Supply Kits.

** The Reset Supply Kit includes two specially selected teas and your 14-day supplies to assist cleansing & repairing at a deeper level. Details and descriptions will be emailed to you upon registering and you can decide then if you would like to order them. The Reset Supply Kit is optional—but it is highly recommended!

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