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For those who prefer an at-home cleanse experience they can start any day of the year!

The Eating Clean Self-Guided Cleanse is a 14-day At-Home Cleanse designed to kick-start your journey to greater health! From wherever you live, we will guide you in eating a seasonally-appropriate & healthy whole foods diet, while developing more mindfulness in the way you eat & live. This self-guided cleanse includes many of the elements from our Supported Group Cleanse but allows you the flexibility to start the cleanse whenever is best for you!

We have created a flexible plan for “real-life” people who are working, parenting, exercising, and living their regular life. This is NOT a fad diet, fast, or deprivation program in any way. Our goal is to nourish you, educate you, and assist you in feeling your best!

The food portion of the cleanse includes an abundant amount of healthy whole foods: seasonal vegetables, lean animal proteins, beans, gluten-free whole grains, seasonal fruits and some natural low-glycemic sweeteners.

The lifestyle portion of the cleanse assists you further in restoring balance by teaching you about mindful eating and mindful living.

The supplements for the cleanse support cleansing & repairing at a deeper level. Details for ordering will be emailed to you upon registering. Supplements are optional and an additional cost.

For many of our former participants, the Eating Clean cleanse created lasting results—well beyond their participation in the program:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved energy and sleep
  • Decreased pain & inflammation
  • Empowered relationship with food (such as caffeine, sugar, & alcohol)
  • Understanding of what foods make them feel best

How it Works:

Once you register, you start receiving a series of emails from us at weekly intervals for 3-weeks.

The first email will give you all the steps needed to successfully set you up for your self-guided cleanse experience. The second, third and fourth emails will give you access to our recorded lectures and handouts that will (1) guide you onto your cleanse (2) help you to deepen your cleanse experience and (3) transition you off of your cleanse in a way that honors your body and helps you maintain all your hard work!

These materials will give you everything you need to accomplish an At-Home cleanse at your own pace! You will receive:

  • Information on starting your pre-cleanse diet & hydration, before you begin your cleanse
  • Three recorded audio lectures facilitated by Dr. Roy & Debbie Steinbock, during your 2-week cleanse
  • Detailed food cleanse guidebook including a quick reference guide, tips & other helpful tools with each lecture
  • Detailed recipe packet for all your meals & a weekly sample menu
  • Specially selected supplement regimen to support cleansing (optional)

Cost & Registration:

There are two enrollment options for the Eating Clean Self-Guided Cleanse. 

Option 1: Enrollment in the self guided cleanse is $169 per person. This is a great option for people that have done cleanses before, are in pretty-good health, and are very self-motivated. We will give you all the tools to guide your through your at-home cleanse journey.

Option 2: Enrollment in the self guided cleanse plus a 30-minute telephone check-in session with Debbie (a $60 value) is $199 per person. This is a great option if it is your first cleanse or you think you may have some questions or need a bit of support and encouragement along the way.

Please note that the 30-minute check in is not sufficient to address chronic health concerns or ongoing conditions and, if that is what you need support with, scheduling a New Client session with Debbie may be advisable before you begin.

Here’s some of the results experienced by our former cleansers:

MP green quoteA few days into the cleanse I started to notice a difference in my energy levels, mood and overall health. I felt satisfied after every meal and loved that I did not feel like I was depriving myself of anything.

I lost 17 pounds during the first 3 weeks!  I didn’t go into the cleanse with the focus of weight loss but was thrilled with the results! I lost another 8 pounds in the following weeks and am feeling great!

– Steffen Riise, New York

MP green quote
My husband and I participated remotely from Maui and felt supported through the documents, recording of meetings, and social media.  Dr. Roy and Debbie were with us every step of the way. The first week or so was challenging, but shortly after we felt our mood consistent throughout the day, more productive at work/home life, and overall well balanced.  We loved making the recipes that Debbie provided and our young girls did too. We loved how much energy we had towards the end of the cleanse and my husband was not sore after working out like he typically is.”

– Kate, Hawaii

MP green quoteAfter the first few days on the cleanse, I started to notice the difference immediately. Cutting out coffee was a big one. It was hard because I love it, but I no longer had energy crashes. We also became really aware of enjoying our meals. We had better conversations, spent more time at the table, and tried out really exciting new recipes.

My husband lost 12 lbs (I lost none, but wasn’t trying to and didn’t want to), and I don’t have the sugar cravings I used to.  And overall, we are moving through our meals with a deeper awareness of how they affect us. When we eat crap, we feel it. And we don’t want to feel like crap.”

– Sarah & Sasha, California

MP green quote
I felt that doing [the cleanse] as a distance participant was great. The audio gave me a way of feeling a part of what everyone talked about and the Facebook group gave me a sense of being a real part of the group.

What I really appreciated about that is that I absolutely see myself incorporating a lot of the cleanse into my diet moving forward. And that feels really good. Because the truth is I really did notice some differences –changes in my energy level, my mood, and my cravings.

Miki Fire, Colorado

MP green quoteThank you both for putting together an excellent program! I have tried various flavors of diets before with some results, but have never broken the caffeine and sugar merry-go-round. The format of the class and the group support made stopping caffeine very doable. I’m not at all sure I would have done it without the structure you created. This was my first cleanse and your excellent documentation, delicious recipes and moral support made it both fun and something I will definitely do again!”

– Brent Kauth, Colorado

MP green quote
I participated in the Winter Clean in ’16 cleanse and experienced some amazing results. Some digestion and heartburn issues that I was having for years literally disappeared within a few days. I also lost over 10 pounds without even trying to restrict my intake. It was just a matter of eating the right kinds of foods. I learned a tremendous amount about my body and what is and isn’t effective for me. Since the cleanse ended, I have incorporated many aspects of the diet into my regular routine.”

– Peter, Colorado

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