This February we were interviewed by Alex Young for his Podcast, The Powerful Mind. We opened up about it all! Tune in here and hear us answer questions about everything from what we refer to as “our motto” for building a successful marriage….to the internal conflicts that we face each day.

The podcast went live today, May 8th, and as I listened to it I was particularly struck by our discussions in the final minutes. When asked, What is the most exciting thing in your lives right now? one of the main things that we discussed was our upcoming home renovation that was scheduled to start this spring. May 8th to be exact 🙂

If you have seen Roy and I over the last few weeks, you may know that we called off this project that we had devoted our hearts to for the last 7-months. Hearing the excitement with which we talked about it saddened me at first. But then the next question Alex asked was, “If you could each give our audience one piece of advice for building a powerful mindset, what would it be?”

This was my answer:

“Knowing that the answers are inside you and tuning into your body because your body is really smart and often gives you the message when you are on the right path. I know that in my own life, and in Roy’s as well, a lot of the things that we’ve done that we’ve regretted doing afterwards—or things we’ve done that we’ve just frankly stayed with for too long—we were really ignoring that internal knowing that it was not the right path for us, but we chose to embark on it anyway.

And so those are the messages that I am trying to listen to more clearly in the present rather than in reflecting back into my past. Knowing that when my body is giving me that feeling of excitement that I was just talking about, that’s the green light. But when my body is giving me that feeling that I am trying to push down or ignore, that’s something to really take a look at and explore why that is more, before I just set out on that path anyway.”

As I listened to my own answer in replay, I felt my feelings of sadness and loss almost instantly become replaced by a sense of gratitude. As disappointing as this decision was for us, we did exactly what I had said I wanted to do more of in the present moment. We made a conscious choice. We listened to our bodies and paid attention to all the signs they were giving us. We slowed down and hit pause until we could truly evaluate how we felt. We didn’t allow the mounting momentum to simply pull us deeper into the stream. Essentially, we made a mindful decision that was best for us and our family given the way that the current situation had unfolded, even though it was very disappointing and not what we had wanted or ultimately had planned for. It is amazing how powerful hearing or reading your own words can be sometimes, isn’t it?

With all that said, we hope that you tune into the Podcast and enjoy the whole discussion!

Again, you can find a link to it here.

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