Our clients often mention their interest in purchasing a good water filter for their home. Here are our recommendations:

Solid Carbon Block Filter

We have owned a Multi Pure water filter for over a decade and our personal research shows that it is one of the most comprehensive water filters available. You can view and order online at www.multipure.com.

They are a fantastic investment in your health—especially since you will all be drinking so much water going forward now 😊

We own the Aquaversa (below the sink unit). It costs under $500 and we change the filter (@ $90) every 6 months, as a family who drinks a lot of water and does a ton of cooking!

The unit will last a lifetime. After the up-front investment, you simply pay to replace the filter once or twice yearly. A decade later, it truly works as well as it did the first day it was hooked up.

There are also higher end models that didn’t exist when we first purchased ours:

We also have the Aquashower. It costs $60 to purchase and we generally replace that filter (@ $38) yearly.

If you order a Multipure system, please enter 385781 when you are asked to enter a Distributor ID#. We would greatly appreciate it, as we get referral credits towards our own filter replacements!!

Reverse Osmosis

For the last year, we have experimented with renting a reverse osmosis (RO) system for our home.

The reason for this trial was because we both have Hashimoto’s and an RO system is the only way to remove fluoride from the water. Fluoride has been added to all water since about the 1950’s and is hypothesized to be a factor in the increase in autoimmune thyroid disease.

Although an RO does remove fluoride, it also removes all minerals in the process. To be honest, we are not sure about our feelings about this yet. There is much conflicting information to sift through…

Please let us know if you have any questions—we are happy to help!

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