Have you met my friend, Izabella?

I introduced you to her in the very personal blog post I wrote last week, and some of you may have already known her from her incredibly informative website, Thyroid Pharmacist.  That’s how I originally met Izabella too. I was a subscriber to her newsletter, not only because she had great information but because I could relate to her. Like me, she was a young woman who was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease after many years (too many years!) of feeling unwell. Her mission became one of healing herself and helping others to heal.

One day I was reading her newsletter and she mentioned writing it in the midst of a Boulder snowstorm. I was so excited to learn that she was visiting Boulder (or so I thought) and immediately wrote to her asking if we could meet for tea. I had never reached out to someone who I had never met. However, as I said, from everything Izabella shared in her newsletters I knew how much we had in common. As it turned out, Izabella had recently relocated to Boulder and I have had the pleasure to get to know her over the last two years.

Last July, I received a text from Izabella asking, “Would you like to be in my documentary, The Thyroid Secret?”

The answer, of course, was an immediate “YES!” but the truth is, I absolutely hate public speaking. I know that often surprises those of you who have known me for so many years because I do it (and I am even told I do it well). But there is nothing that makes me more nervous. Not flying…not spiders…not heights…not delivering a baby naturally…nothing! I also dread having attention focused on me.

The problem with that was that I wanted to be a part of Izabella’s documentary for several reasons, despite it being far outside of my comfort zone.

I believe in Izabella’s mission. The world needs to become more educated about Thyroid Disease, and patients need to know that healing is possible. And I am living proof that it is.

I suffered so much and if anything I could share could help someone to not feel so alone….or see that there is hope…or prevent them from making some of the same mistakes that I did, it would all be worth it. The truth is, the most painful parts of my life are what have yielded my unbelievable passion and purpose but I didn’t always see them that way. It was dark and it was hard and I felt hopeless myself.

I can’t tell you how much I wish that when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s 6.5 years ago that the information we have available now was available then. By the time I had read Izabella’s first book I was 3 years into my diagnosis.

I actually share this in the The Thyroid Secret Documentary:  Americans get blamed for being a quick fix prescription culture. But that was not me—and it is not most of my clients. I was terrified of taking a “drug”…. and I believed then that taking a pill for the rest of my life was out of the question!

It wasn’t until 3 years into my diagnosis that I understood that proper supplemental thyroid hormone could be a tool. A tool to get me feeling better so that I could actually address the root cause of my thyroid destruction. And I used it properly and that is exactly what it has done for me personally.

I was sick and I had a newborn and two small kids at home. I had no time…and even less brain power… to be able to understand much of this. Thankfully now this information and more is available to view in an enjoyable free series.

Roy and I laughed….we cried. I assure you that you will be educated, inspired, enlightened and motivated if you watch it too!

The World Premiere of the Thyroid Secret begins on Wednesday, March 1st and is completely free to view for the 9-days while it airs.

You will see me in Episodes 1, 5 and 7 🙂

You can watch the trailer and reserve your “seat” here.

Are there women in your life who just don’t feel good…or feel exhausted all the time…or struggle with anxiety…or infertility…or weight gain or loss? Whether they have a thyroid diagnosis or not, this series could empower them to make huge changes in their health.

Please be sure to share this life-changing information with those in your life who may need it! 

P.S. Here are a few more pics from the day we taped my interview. While I am certainly not signing up to give a TED talk anytime soon 🙂 I do plan to continue to embrace Thomas Jefferson’s words: “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.”

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